Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dada Redux, or the first in the First (and last) Annual International Blogfest of Past Dada Dalliances

I don't know how many years men across the nation have had the option to buy an electric shaver with settings for 15 different skin sensitivities. I don't imagine any of us has ever seen seen anyone with 15 different faces that would require such diversity in a shaver. Granted, we've all known a few that are two-faced....

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D.K. Raed said...

why do you assume these shavers are only being used on FACES?

D.K. Raed said...

Hey I didn't realize you had linked to a prior post (it didn't display in a different color but lit up when my mouse ran over it on the way out the door).

Had to re-read the whole thing, incl comments, and remember the good ol' days. I miss the Maineac and E banter. And you Dada leading the way (like Poseidon throwing Tridents at the sea)!

Also I think I missed the first time around possibly the funniest line of all, from Mrs D about bagging your head! Thanks for re-posting it. Great laughs!

Dada said...

D.K. Well, I did hint they could be used to shave legs. Where else? Am I missing something??

Yeh, reading this old blog brought back memories of Maineac and others, and the banter. Others too, who weren't a part of this particular thread. Like, remember, was it Nina (Tina?), like your St. George HS school prodigy?

Anyway, this blog was inspired by an insert in this month's local electric bill explaining tacked on charges: "The second charge allows El Paso Electric to recover its costs related to a discount electric utilities are required to give to military bases and is listed as 'Military Base Discount Recovery Charge.'"

So I may be paying more than you for Defense spending and that thought along with other minor annoyances (like my M-I-L's) $20 ATT phone bill which is really $37+ after fees, taxes, add'l charges (and probably some variation of a 'Military Base Discount Recovery Charge' left me in no mood to hear myself bitch. I decided sticking my head in a plastic bag a far better use of my time.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

Border Explorer said...

Nice to know that we (your friends and family) can look forward to much more of your time in the coming days--before you smother yourself, Dada. See, I knew that technology was good for improving our lives. Thanks for a blast from the past.

Dada said...
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