Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

Support for global warming is seasonal. ~ (thanks to R.H. for this one)


Fran said...

101 in Eugene, Oregon today

Dada said...

Skyping with my niece in Oregon on Friday (whose dau [great niece] was there from Springfield with her dau [great-great niece!]) I said:

"I've been watching your temperatures up there this summer, so you probably aren't aware global warming is going on!"

Needless to say, when I saw there temps for Friday and projected for Sat (and now Sunday), I felt a little ashamed for saying that.

Thanks, Fran, for the weather update. Looks like another scorcher for y'all again today, which triggered my memory of our '06 trip to Oregon where it was burning up all the way from El Paso to Portland. (Something a 100 + 4 or 5 degrees in Sutherlin on the 22 of July that trip before going to Springfield the next day where it was equally hot, such our great niece, husband and their daughter spent the afternoon/evening in out hotel which had refrigerated A/C -- thank god!)

Good luck today, hope this heat wave breaks for you soon!