Saturday, August 21, 2010


Dada ponders, "Are they trying to kill us?" From the  following link:

Did you catch this headline in yesterday's news?
Oil droplets imperil Gulf food chain, USF studies show
Y'know what I can't help but think of when I see headlines like these:
Dispersants don't increase toxicity in Gulf, EPA scientist says

FDA Says Eat Gulf Seafood; Some Doubt Smell Test
I think of these:
GROUND ZERO: AIR QUALITY; U.S. Agency Not Protecting Public Health, Officials Say

Hearing Brings More Debate Over Ground Zero Air Quality

When Breathing Is Believing; New Yorkers Doubt E.P.A. Credibility on Air Safety, but Truth Is Complex

Public Misled on Air Quality After 9/11 Attack, Judge Says
I guess 9/11 gave some people a fear of mosques and other people a fear of government health assurances.


D.K. Raed said...

I don't think anyone from my generation could trust any govt reassurance after growing up being fed lies that nuke testing in the desert posed no problems ... come watch the mushroom cloud ... bring your sunglasses! yes, my mom did just that when she was PG with me ... only to find out later we were considered expendable ... in govt words, "a low use segment of the population".

Let's just say gulf seafood is permanently off my diet no matter who smells or doesn't smell it.

Dada said...

I deeply appreciate your cynicism, DK. What I don't appreciate is the price you had to pay for it. But, boy, those were the days, huh? Better than perseid meteor showers or a full eclipse of the moon, those nuke tests, huh?

I recall stories from my late father in law. Apparently, shortly after WWII, we still had soldiers up the yang, so as a reward, some were given the opportunity to view up close an awesome display of American military might, after which they were all encouraged (ordered?) to swim in the waters around the Bikini Atoll immediately after the nuclear detonation.

Sadly, he died a relatively young man (8 or 10 years younger than I am now). He left this world with just part of his throat, 1/2 his tongue and a cancerous lung after a horrendous 18 mos. end-of-life experience.

Unlike you or him, I was lucky, managing to escape the wonders of the Atomic Age. (Well, there was that one time my mom couldn't get me away from the shoe store and its cool X-ray machine that allowed me to see the bones of my feet in those shoes I was trying on as I stood in awe at seeing my wiggling skeletal toes in new shoew.)

And, and...that was way last century! Why don't we have those cool machines around anymore?!

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