Tuesday, July 07, 2009

From Dada and today's El Paso Times

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Fran said...

It makes me want to hang my head in shame. Shrubco passed some lame ass legislation that would increase energy efficiency in 20 years...or something ridiculous like that.

My old van is literally falling apart.... A/C is toast, now the effing windshield wiper just fell apart in the middle of a downpour on the freeway (blogged it).

I am looking at the *sippers*.... the Honda Fit, Civic,
Scion, Toyota..... the new EPA regs have them recalibrated..... so even the most efficient Honda is rated at 29 mpg overall.

The hatchback door is so light I can close it with one finger. & not surprisingly the rear crash rating only scores a "4" not 5 star.
The bottom line is the energy efficiency comes with a tradeoff.... light * tinny *.

I really don't know what we might wind up with .
Apparently we can jump through all the flaming hoops for the clunkers program.....
except for the part where we cough up the cash.

Getting into a new car payment scares the hell out of me in this economy,