Saturday, April 11, 2009

What's the opposite of "And another one bites the dust?"

Last October 2nd Mrs. Dada and I had the rare opportunity to 'cross the electronic line.' I'd received an e-mail from occasional commenter here at Dada's blog (and others). It was from a ball of light. He said he would coming to Las Cruces, "Would you like to get together," say, at The High Desert Brewing Company? This made me a little suspicious. He knew my greatest vulnerability, i.e., an inability to refuse a chance to go to the HDBC.

Unsure if a ball of light's intentions were honorable, I arranged to have witnesses present. I invited "Tom and Brenda" in case I was walking into a political ambush (i.e., ambush as in assassination). Turns out I wasn't.

The four of us spent a very pleasant couple of hours getting to know a ball of light. Yesterday I got to know him even better. That's because I visited his new blog, his -- dare I say it? -- inaugural ball of light?. (Yeh, I know, I could just hear you moaning "Ugh!" as you read that.)

But what I read there I later read again to Mrs. Dada when she got home. "I'm in total awe!" she said afterward, echoing my very reaction.

Please, please, if you have the time, please drop by a ball of light's anastomotic synchrony and read his first blog, Namaste Lily Raine. I'm very sure you won't be disappointed. You may even discover a new candidate for inclusion on your blog roll.

Yesterday was Good Friday. For Dada, it was a bad mood day (as attested to by some of the comments I left around the internet). I wish I had visited a ball of light's blog sooner. It would have made the day far better!


Fran said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing the link, makes all the other stuff pale in comparison.

Still we are in incredibly hard times, and really, uncharted waters with this trainwreck economy.... we talk about the economy, and we think of Wall Street hucksters and their illegal doings, but it really comes down to everyday people, and their lives and families.
All that financial lingo- gross domestic product, debt, deficit, etc-- eventually boils down to regular folks really struggling to keep afloat.

My family has been partially thrust into that vortex, suddenly we are having conversations about canceling a dental appointment, because the company discontinued insurance coverage without notice. Which pales in comparison to the other family who has a 9 month pregnant Mother who is now without health insurance.
Suddenly we are doing our homework on Class Action lawsuits, and following up on the one time energy assistance for the unemployed.
When my employer announced no raises this year, no one hardly even blinked. the supervisor said, "that's not surprising considering the economy".
Easier for her to say, because she makes over $10 bucks an hour after 3.5 years of service. They deliver this news after having recently rolled out the new insurance program-- higher co pays, for less coverage, no longer 100% paid after the co pay, only 80%. So the bites they take out of other "benefits", really result in a net loss.
Not that the pittance of a raise would have even covered the amount of additional costs the new insurance plan do not.... but in this era, we still sigh a sigh of relief that one member of the family has a job, that has insurance.

So while the tax man nips at your heals, and the 401k goes to hell in a handbasket, we count our blessings. Never mind my Mom's house has not yet sold in a year's time, and just a few years ago was selling for 3 x more.... we will be lucky to sell it at all. It is surrounded by 400 foreclosed houses also for sale in the same zip code.

I will cop the fact that the idea in the midst of all this, I can't believe the people of this country are OK with the continuation of billions in war spending, while Nevada closes the doors of the County Cancer clinic & millions of US citizens have no health care whatsoever.

I heard a comment on PBS the other day, talking about the new automated electronic document system for Veterans.

"If you automate a broken system, you have an automated broken system."

That's what livin' in the USA feels like right now.
Everything is broken.
Although I appreciate & admire anyone's desire to step up & even try to fix it, the political arena still remains vastly out of touch with what is really happening on main street, or we would not have tent cities, and a health care crisis.

Or as Molly Ivins put it...

• One function of the income gap is that the people at the top of the heap have a hard time even seeing those at the bottom. They practically need a telescope.

• The first rule of holes: when you're in one, stop digging.

a ball of light said...


Thank you. Those are very nice words that you wrote here. You and Mrs Dada are good people. i will be back in nm towards late may. i'd like to buy the both of you a beer!

as with most things that i've done, percolation plays a major part, usually resulting in either a good hot, dark brew - a staple in my liquid intake, or some explosion of effort, bruised hands, long late hours and eventually some thing i can look at & say: "yep, i did that". i just never thought i would start blogging because of my own personal Black Swan event.