Friday, October 03, 2008

I hate days that peak early, then crash later.

L to R - "a ball of light," the Dadas, with "Tom and Brenda"

You can chose your friends, but you can only have one mother.
~ Max Shulman

While my "only one mother" has been gone almost 21 years now, I'm still choosing friends (and sometimes vice versa). So Thursday, Mrs. Dada and I ventured north to the High Desert Brewing Company in Las Cruces, NM, for a little pre-debate distraction. It was a rendezvous suggested several weeks earlier by a ball of light, occasional commenter here at Dada's and other blogs. We'd never met, but a ball of light said he was going to be in the area for a couple of days while on a chile run and had e-mailed me asking if I'd be interested in sharing a repast over some excellent ale/s at the High Desert.

I thought if this was a cover by some covert governmental security agency to rendition me off to endless darkness in an underground dungeon in Syria, a ball of light had chosen the perfect bait to land Dada. I accepted his invitation. But to have witnesses of my demise, I suggested a ball of light might also enjoy meeting those balladeers, Tom and Brenda, who so aptly captured Sarah Palin in their clever Redneck from Wasilla You Tube several weeks ago. A ball of light agreed.

We decided to meet at precisely 3:17. This would allow us plenty of time before the nightcap to a perfect day, the vice presidential "debate." We enjoyed making a new friend and reuniting with old ones for the next 2 and 1/2 hours. We touched on a wide range of topics, none in any great depth. We discussed Sarah, the impending debate, religion, synchronicity, the mysticism of the world of the quanta, super colliders, predictive linguistics and what it might portend for us all later this month and, yes, where the hell everyone's been for the past half century plus.

Too soon it was time to go. It had been a pleasant afternoon. Mrs. Dada and I made the hour drive home just in time to watch the debate with Editor Sam. I don't remember how far into it I got before shutting down the tube. (Mrs. Dada saw it through to the end with Sam.) But it was after being asked a question and Palin stood there silent for a couple of moments, I suspected she was wired, i.e., she was waiting for her "feed" to tell her how to respond. But I guess the realization there was no pit -- there would be no mud-wrestling this night -- I shut it off.

Unlike the afternoon, the evening was a huge disappointment. I concluded that once more the old saying, "There are more horses asses than horses," still rings true.


Anonymous said...

I had a great time also -- it's amazing the wide variety of subjects that can be discussed over a glass of Ale. Let's try out the new Irish Pub next.

After the debate, I had to go get my Constitution and look for the flexibility "there" of powers given to the Vice President.

Since knowing the Constitution is part of my job I thought maybe my old brain had missed this section (maybe this is in the lost Constitution found in an old locker on top of Mt. Denali). The Constitution does have flexibility, but it never gives it to the Vice President. It does have the "necessary and proper" clause, or the elastic clause, so that Congress can make laws and regulate stuff not thought of in the 16th century (like the Internet). Everything the federal government doesn't do is reserved for the States -- that's pretty flexible. But the founders didn't really want the executive branch to have all that much power (King George Bush). And especially not the Vice President who only gets to break ties in the Senate and take over for the President when required -- that's it -- no flexibility. OK, that's your Constitution lesson for today.

It's too bad Dick Cheney hasn't read it (Or Bush or Palin either).

Ok, back to drinking. I'll try to not leave any lipstick on the class.


meldonna said...

I'm starting to think that certain folks on the right read the Constitution the way that some folks read the Bible -- just enough to pick out the parts they like. Or think they understand.

Palin's not one of those; she can't even come up with a newspaper she's read, much less being able to make it through the Constitution. No extra credit for her.

Glad you folks had an enjoyable afternoon, anyway!

Border Explorer said...

(snif) so sad to have missed it. But glad you all had a fine time. Great photo of you all.

I couldn't get through the debate either. Both Mr. B.E. & I were very offended by the offhanded way Palin remarked that she would decide if she would answer the question that was asked.

"What's the point, then?"

D.K. Raed said...

Presumably Editor Sam was fascinated by Palin's hunting prowess.

eProf2 said...

Sounds like everyone enjoyed the get together. I know I had asked whether you went to the HDB on an earlier post. Glad you went and now glad you filled in on what all was talked about. Like BE,without the snifles, sorry we couldn't make it too. Maybe sometime in the near future. When does BE get back?

Border Explorer said...

I'm back Dec. 1.