Thursday, October 02, 2008

Finally, a Wall Street bailout Dada can support.

Call your House representative. Suggest it!


meldonna said...

Lovin' it! I actually saw this photo on another website yesterday and was tempted to put it up for my wallpaper, but desisted in respect to my mom (who appreciates the sentiment if not the language).

eProf2 said...

How was your trip to the HDB last night? I hope you tipped one (or more) for BE and me.

Dada said...

Mel: Yeh, it's a nice little graphic which expresses what a lot us are feeling. I rec'd it from my nephew in Eugene, OR. Of course, we can stop posting and writing about that now, after today's vote in the house. (A plague upon their house!)

eprof2: Actually, I did! I hoisted one for each of you. Sadly, it was the highlight of the day, which arrived late afternoon. The evening ended on a sour note what would otherwise have been a most excellent day.

(I'm contemplating posting a photo from yesterday afternoon in next blog.)

I quit the debate early. After Sarah stood in silence for a couple of seconds just staring out at us after Gwen had asked her a question, I thought she might be wired for sound and was listening to her coach from a hotel across the street for her response.

Anyway, I guess I'm done trashing her, I feel by attacking her I only validate her more to those who love her.

(Writing this on the heels of news the bailout has just passed. I wonder what was the total $amount of pork added to bribe house members to embrace it?)