Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Hello. My name is America and I am an addict."

(NOTE: CAUTION - Before watching the enclosed video, it is recommended you read the warning first. Failure to do so could change the Fates, affecting the entire history of the world. ~Dada)

As many Americans are eagerly anticipating tonight's "debate" between Sarah and whatshisname, I thought I'd post Tina Fey's latest Sarah skit from Saturday Night Live.


While it's fun to find humor in someone else's ignorance of current world dynamics as a manifestation of history and the interplay and interdependence between nations, the consequences that can and do result from such innocence in situations demanding background and knowledge can be costly and extremely dangerous.

One of the finest examples of such is the self-destructive behavior that results from the policies of the United States. That is, how better to alienate yourself from the world's league of nations than to go around sticking bases and missiles up the nose of your former Cold War partner? Or chastising other nation's human rights violations who finance your own and your international hubris? Or making "allies" of countries by violating their borders and blowing the shit out of their citizens? Or trying to overthrow governments that think they have a right to their own oil you so desperately need?

So I realize the danger involved in posting this video before November 4th. That's because I suspect Americans harbor self-destructive behaviors grown from their addiction to international lustings for power and their risky apathy of how they are satisfied.

A video glamorizing former beauty queen and mother Sarah Palin as a dimwit with her stereotypical dysfunctional All-American family appeals to many on a lower consciousness level. They can relate. And, no, "She couldn't be all that dumb really, could she?" they reassure themselves. A little naive maybe but, hey, that makes her cute.

And making "cute" of Sarah, may temp many Americans about to plunge the voting needle into the election punch card, or finger the computer screen for Obama on November 4th to stop, to hesitate a second and remember this video and how much Sarah Palin is just like them. And at the very critical point give into their latent temptation to come out of the closet and violate with ballot pins or their own pointy fingers their common sense, their desire to get better, to make sober their America and rejoin the global community as a good neighbor instead of bullying rogue their addiction to power has made them.

That is the peril of this entertaining and funny video. After all, it's not easy to stand at the head of the room and say to all nations, "Hello. My name is America and I am an addict."

Watching this video won't make our confession any easier, but let us hope Americans have the strength to handle it on November 4th.


meldonna said...

My brother says he keeps hearing people talk about how "mean" everyone is to Palin. I told him the election is about who's more qualified to be president/vice president -- not who's more popular. He said he wished people could be that bright. I do, to.

The breathtaking moment tonight for me was when Palin suggested the Constitution be changed to give the Vice President more power in the Senate. Just what we need; a VP with Bush's brain and Cheney's lust for power. Ai, yi, yi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dada!
Hope you are good --- I came over to see what's up on the Dally. :)
I just read this -- have you seen it? Thoughts?
From, "I used to work at K-State" :)

Dada said...

mel: I think, increasingly, I realize what a scary nation I'm living in. I'm beginning to suspect 1/2 of its citizens would willingly send me to the "chambers." TY for illustrating this point.

anon: What a nice surprise to hear from you. And thank you for your comment and most important link.

It sickens me to think so many Americans can bathe the feet of their saviour, McCain, who is so callous, so cynical as to appoint a very dangerous person not just for this nation's future, but for the future of the entire globe; to include her pregnant daughter (doesn't she know the unborn child doesn't have a soul if they don't know who their father is? ~ grin) and her husband (who may be the more accomplished of the Palins, being a "snowmachine" enthusiast and a four-time winner of the Tesoro Iron Dog, a snowmachine race across Alaska that is billed as the world's longest.

I'm sick. It makes me sick. BTW, do you happen to know anyone offering a safe haven when the new coup (that took place Oct. 1) apparently comes for us?)