Saturday, October 04, 2008

Need a bailout? Just use a very bleak threat.

(NOTE: While sensitive to the ladies who may read this, Mrs. Dada has made me even
more so. Hence, I apologize should any be offended by the analogy I've chosen to employ.)


I am so pissed at the state of the nation after Friday's passage of the bailout bill. The only way our government makes any sense to me anymore is if, and only if, I think of the White House, and K & Wall Streets as Pimps, the senate and the house (of ill repute) as a majority of whores a majority of time and they see us, the American taxpayers, as their Johns who they're been ordered to screw for all we're worth.

It's a joke to watch John McCain's latest campaign ads saying he's going to save us all from the economic rubble heap the U.S. has become as a result of his support for the very policies that detonated us into this shambled mess. But McCain and Barack Obama are sisters out of the same "house" working the same corner on opposite sides of the street from each other on this bailout deal.

Dada finds it difficult to see the entire Washington and Wall Street scene as nothing but a useless drunken orgy of incompetence, greed and malfeasance for which we all are expected to foot the bill.

While representative Brad Sherman has another excellent You Tube video delineating the demerits of the 'new and improved' bailout, what was added, and then rushed to the white house for immediate signing into law Friday, I'll spare you that here. This one will do just fine.

I know many of us don't have 4 minutes plus to spare for the longer version. But if you can spare 49 seconds for the real meat of what he said on the floor of the house of ill repute's representatives, it's time well spent. It's indicative of just how lost this nation has become if, rather than doing their god damned jobs, members of our whore congress can be threatened to lie down and pass a bill that will likely speed up the death of the nation rather than revive it.

Finally, let me just say again (and again, and again -- so sick am I of repeating myself), it's obvious congress fears something far more other than the people they represent, i.e., the holders of the ultimate power to whom they are accountable and should fear. Instead, the fear they have is trickling down from above rather than flowing up from 'we the people' down below. But then, when have we the people ever given congress much cause for fear?

Reading a response somewhere on the Web to Rick Sherman's You Tube video, "Oh, another conspiracy theory. But why are they always right?" I found myself nodding in approval.

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eProf2 said...

I'm glad the people's money is being spent on a "broken" financial system because the health care system is near broken too and maybe we'll get a bailout with universal health care in the near future. HA!

Socialism for the rich and capitalism for the rest of us is so true after this raid on the national treasure. What sticks in my craw is that the Democrats bailed out Bush and the rest of the Repugs. Who do we turn to for a new system?