Thursday, April 09, 2009

One never stops learning.

Just because senator Obama ascended to the presidency doesn't mean he stopped learning, i.e., in 2007 this Illinois senator opposed Bush's funding requests for America's Afghanistan adventure.

Now, less than 3 months in office (and one has to assume, after his "orientation" from the Powers That Be), Obama today asked congress "for $83.4 billion for U.S. military and diplomatic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan." As noted by a White House spokesman this is "needed this time because the money will be required by summer, before Congress is likely to complete its normal appropriations process" (for further war funding, no doubt).


Anonymous said...

It will not be the last dollar requested for Afg.

Fran said...

America is bankrupt, but still finds billions for war.


"Diplomatic operations" is THAT what they are calling bombs these days??

Time for an intervention.

eProf2 said...

Another setback for "change you can believe in."

Dada said...

You know, I'm so goddamned sick and tired of being sick and tired of this endless bullshit.

And then there's today's nice story about the president's economic advisor, Larry Summers, and his $5.2 million earned from some hedge fund last year, and another $2.77 million for speaking fees (to include $135,000 "fee" from Goldman Sachs & Co. [Dada prefers to call it what it likely is -- fucqueing payoff money, for what -- I don't know, your guess is as good as mine]) - but, hey, WTF - Goldman Sachs can afford it, right?)

Yes, indeed, "Change we can believe in."

Yep, the fucqueing government's bust but, hey, that doesn't stop 'em from upping the vernacular from $billions to $trillions and throwing it around like they have it.

Christ if we, as private citizens, were as financially irresponsible and flippant, you can bet it be debtor's prison forever for all our asses.

I almost felt sorry for a guy who robbed a bank here last week. (They caught him in AZ) Hell, the poor dumb bastard, if he wanted to rob a bank, he shoulda been an economist, banker or presidential economic advisor for God's sake!)

This is one sick sorry-assed country.

Dada said...

p.s. I may not know how to say "fuck" in French correctly but I sure as hell know how to say "The Revolution" as in ....

"Viva La Révolution!" Er, never mind, forgot. This is America. We never revolt. In fact, the only ones we're revolting to is just about everyone outside America, save for our British boot licker cousins and Israel, dictators of our Middle Eastern foreign policy.

"God, why are these Israeli boots so fucqueing delicious? Just can't get enough of those!"

Oh well, next on our "hit list" -- Mexico!!

BTW, FYI, Fred (on everything) is back on his website after "quitting" (some of us are just part cat I guess). He makes the wonderful observation and I quote, "“During a trip designed to expand U.S. Mexican-military relations, Adm. Michael Mullen, the highest-ranking U.S. military officer, visited the graves of American troops who died during the Mexican-American war just as Gates did during his first visit in August.”

Fred then makes the point that's about the dumbest assed thing one could do, i.e., the equivalent of rubbing a dog's nose in his own dog
shit. (With apologies, I feel guilty enough just writing that, thinking about my editor, Sam -- thank god he doesn't read the comments section of his blog!) But that's about the highest compliment American diplomacy can bestow on the globe's "lesser among us." (Puke.)

With apologies. It's Good Friday and I'm in terrible spirits, but god, oh god, if only I could put this same passion into my blogs!

a ball of light said...

just a simple minded question: do you pronounce fucqueing as Jacques Clouseau would pronounce the english equivalent or as in 'line up for your turn at governmental sodomy' or what?