Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Los Tres Bloggeros!

Electronic "lines" are a lot like international borders. They're invisible and if one decides to cross 'em, they may meet with very mixed results. From gunshots, international incidents or sometimes, if one is very lucky, with more positive outcomes that can expand and enrich one's personal horizons by actually moving those borders, like the 1846 results of the Mexican - American War. But seriously...

...In the very early 90's Mrs. Dada and I crossed the electronic line twice with mixed results, once ending up as judges in an interscholastic speech tournament, another time in a rendezvous at a New Mexican hamburger joint. More recently, Mrs. Dada and I spent a very positive and interesting afternoon getting to know "a ball of light" (ABOL), occasional commenter here on Dada's, during his visit to Las Cruces last fall.

On the way to Las Cruces, one skirts the southern end of the
"badlands of New Mexico" from Marty Robbins 1959 hit song,
El Paso .

So, fresh from a positive encounter with ABOL, it was with excitement -- and a tinge of trepidation when -- several months ago, eProf promised (or threatened) a trip into the badlands of New Mexico. His primary purpose? To meet me and fellow local blogger, Border Explorer (we hoped)! Last Thursday, along with Mrs. eProf, he made good on that promise.

(eProf, who through his avatar, bears a
strong resemblance to Aristotle!)

We agreed to meet between 3:30 and 4:00 at the High Desert Brewing Co. in Las Cruces. The Dada's had excellent company during our 45 minute jaunt -- The Border Explorers had agreed to join us! Upon arrival at the High Desert, we realized, while he'd seen pictures of B.E. and Dada on our blogs, no one really knew what eProf looked like. It was then B.E., Mrs. Dada, or somebody suggested "Just look for someone resembling a Greek Bust of Aristotle!" We all got a good laugh out of that one.

As with our meeting with ABOL in the fall, we also arranged to have Las Crucens, "Tom" and "Brenda", writers & performers of last autumn's smash YouTube hit, "Redneck from Wasilla," join us. (When crossing electronic lines with people you've never met before, it's always good to have several "witnesses" present, lest eProf's intentions were something less than represented, i.e., he was really an agent of the FBI, CIA, or NSA instead.)

"The Tres Bloggeros", Dada, Border Explorer, and eProf!

It wasn't long before we were joined by "Tom and Brenda" and the eProfs. Border Explorer, like the true sport she is, bought the first pitcher of ale, just as promised months earlier if such a meeting were to ever occur. It soon became apparent, between "Los Tres Bloggeros" there would be no shortage of things to talk about. We had well over 180 years of experiences to catch up on! Throwing in the other 300 years of those present and we realized we wouldn't quite make it in one afternoon. We agreed to meet again on Saturday in El Paso at the Dada's.

My editor, Sam, gets a few tips from eProf as they
discuss the most recent technical advances in blog editing.

As Saturday arrived, we were all excited (again) as we had been on Thursday by our meeting at the High Desert. But our excitement this day was amplified through Dada's blog editor, Sam. Sam had had to forgo our Thursday get together. Mostly because I'd left him with a couple of editing assignments. And while he deeply appreciates good beer, equal rights for dogs has not yet been been achieved. Sam would have had to drink his beer outside on the High Desert's patio. (What do you think this is? France, for Pete's sake?)

We were again joined by Border Explorer and the eProfs, each of whom presented Dada with a most excellent bottle of red wine. (Yum! and thank you both.) And Sam, always happy to welcome new people to the house was especially pleased with a chance to discuss blog editing with both bloggers, plus enjoy some of the cheese and snacks shared by all.

Los Tres Bloggeros enjoyed great conversation, drink and a little food over two days.

Much conversation ensued. One of my favorite topics (that will have to get more airing next reunion) was our discussion of, what else (?), other bloggers and their blogs. Folks like Fran and her "Ramblings," The PT Cruiser, those great redheaded bloggers, Utah Savage, the late Maria, Maria, Jude, and others I am far less familiar with, but enjoyed hearing and learning more about from my compadres. They left me wishing others could have joined us, too.

The evening adjourned to a local restaurant where afterwards we exchanged our "Adios' !" in the parking lot.

In summary, it was truly a very refreshing weekend with many wonderful people. EProf mentioned the outside possibility of another trip this way later in the spring before the Border Explorers break camp for Iowa. We hope there's a chance that may actually happen. If so, we will definitely be looking forward to a repeat!

My thanks to all who partook of these two festive days. As agreed upon by Los Tres Bloggeros, Border Explorer, and eProf are blogging about this today also. If you haven't already, pay 'em a visit, just as I plan to do after posting this one.


eProf2 said...

Dada and Mrs Dada: Thank you for the wonderful get together. We look forward to our next in person visit wherever and whenever that might take place. You are great hosts. Like you said, the conversations were extensive and interesting, no matter the subject. We, too, could have gone on for a lot longer in our "deliberations" to save the world. See you online, my friend.

Border Explorer said...

Wow, great job on this write-up, Dada! I laughed out loud several times--so you fully recreated the spirit of the gatherings. Thanks so much for a wonderful weekend. Thanks for the great snacks and afternoon at your house. Hasta la proxima...whether it's on the internet, on the peace corner, at the High Desert, or at our place...just hope it is soon.

Dada said...

eProf: Why, thank you! Sadly, you are right, i.e., I think we could have gone on and one and on with deliberations, and yet the world would still fail. (grin)

B.E. Yes, "Hasta la proxima" (not sure what that even means, "My Hyundai's faster than your Maxima"? So, ok, tell Mr. B.E. to heat the griddle, Mrs. Dada, Sam and I will be over tomorrow morning for waffles, eggs and bacon. We'll expect a tour of 'the house' afterwards (Oh, I forget, ne'er mind -- Mr. B.E. gave me one about a year ago this time), but still curious to see how it all works.

(Not to worry, I'm just kidding! - you can relax. Take the morning off.)

A Ball of Light said...

iam very glad that our (has it already been ~5 months??) recent from-bytes-to-beers afternoon of ales was such a positive experience (and that neither one of us turned out to be Jack Bauer's shaggier brother ;). Be assured that i enjoyed it as well.

i wish i had been able to attend the premiere of Los Tres Bloggeros, meet BE+ and eProf+ and reacquaint with Mrs.Dada and 'Tom&Brenda'. It sounds like LTB had themselves quite an enlightening and rewarding, as well as libatious time in "O, fair New Mexico".

maybe when i return in mid-may for an extended remodeling of the old homestead we can re-cross electronic lines and check once again on the fabric of mutual realties.

enigma4ever said...

so sweet...and so wonderful seeing Sam greeting his fans....

( you have been rounded- in my wed round up..just warning you ....)


xandtrek said...

We enjoyed the great time at High Desert meeting everyone. But, I hate to say it, the beer was not up to its usual heft. Oh well.. at least the company was hoppy.

Fran said...

Good times were had by all... sounds like fun get togethers. It's important to support the economy by consuming brews, so thanks all for doing your part.

Dada said...

ABOL: Yes, mid-May or after sounds good. Always like an excuse to go up to Las Cruces...esp. if it involves the High Desert! BTW, you would have fit right in with last Thursday's crowd!

Enigma: Ah, thanks for the round up! Always nice to find myself in the company of great bloggers over at WGS's. (Just as it was this past weekend here -- just wish more of you all could have been there!)

xandtrek: Yes, truly, the beer is becoming a tad concernful. Perhaps Donna is making the beer while the master brewer is away? And she just isn't up to trying IPA?? But I'm not to the point where I'd question their motto yet that "None of our beers suck!" mostly because the next brewer is two hours north. And the other one in Carrizozo, where there motto should be, "All of ours do!"

Fran: Yes, wish you and Mr. Ramblings could have been there! We'da drank a toast to the late, great Eugene City Brewery.

horsedooty said...

well, it looks like you guys had a great time.

I have a bone to pick with Dada. I removed your blog when you posted that you quit. Now I find out you really did not quit. I missed a bunch of posts.

Good to find you are back. I will read from now on.

¡yo soy Horsedooty!

Dada said...

Hey, hi horsedoody. I was wondering recently what had become of you. Well, it's true. My "retirement" from blogging didn't last too long. Turns out I was just "Brett Favre-ing" everyone (see next blog up). Sorry about that.

Anyway, welcome back.

D.K. Raed said...

I loved your review and that the reviews of the dos otro bloggeros were each a little different. Hey maybe next year we (DK/EK/Clyde) might find ourselves down that way and we can make it a 3.1 bloggeros, or if BoL joins in, 3.14159265 bloggeros!

ps, Sam was sure looking over EProf's notes with a critical eye.

A Ball of Light said...

D.K. what a grand idea! i loves me some pie!!!
i figure a 0.119154175 piece of pi is nothing to sneeze at and much to anticipate...
i wonder if a Pied Bloggeros Baking and Drinking Association (pbbda) appointment might not be sent to my pda when consensus as to time is reached.