Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of the things in the upcoming Greatest Depression I won't miss...

OK, let's get beyond the civility. Civility was nice these past (almost) four years of blogging, even though hard to maintain at times. I confess I wasn't always able to. There were a few times I slipped and slipped badly.

But times have changed. We now live in a very, very different world. This isn't 2005 anymore when we thought we could borrow the Treasury out of insolvency while bombing the shit out of nations based on false pretenses and sending American troops to their deaths and woundings as if we could have both global domination and national bankruptcy (financially + morally!) at the same time.

It was sweet, thinking we could do these things: afford to slaughter innocents wherever, whenever we desired without sacrificing anything on the home front (save for our credibility, way of life and our Constitution).

So we thought. But those days are past. Now the chickens have come home to roost and "Holy Shit, Batman!" it turns out the realization we actually DO NEED TO SACRIFICE has suddenly caught up with our asses. And it turns out we will be paying through our noses and noses for years and years to come while struggling -- many of us -- just to survive -- if we do! (Some of us won't!)

As horrendous as it all is, watching our lives and the veneer of our civility crack and peel away, give thanks! There will be a few bright advantages to our plight, as we are reminded by the following video from The Onion.

Oh, and never feel so smug that you're above it all. Many of us will be economically blindsided in ways we can't even see coming. Remember: A draining bathtub strands all ships (and rubber duckies)!

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

(NOTE: Dada wishes to thank The Onion for helping me keep my New Year's resolution -- "I promise to be less optimistic. I promise to be more careful about what and who I do(n't) love...and certainly, I will be less cheerful.")



D.K. Raed said...

Loved that onion vid! Owning too much stupid shit that will all blink out when the elec grid or wireless sats go bye-bye will at least give me a new use for my old baseball bat. But just think of how carefree we'll all be then!

mmlindsey said...


Border Explorer referred your site and I am stoked to have come across your blog. I appreciate that you are sticking it out there, going beyond civility, and speaking so candidly. I read this morning that, "Our general proof of heartfelt sincerity before God and man is our openness and transparency."

I have not had a chance to read a bunch of your posts, but I really look forward to it. Thanks for your words of truth.


Dada said...

D.K. - Yeh, with total collapse of the infrastructure all the electronic gizmos will have absolutely no intrinsic value, but even if they did, who'd have time to attend 'em, being as how we'll all be preoccupied with hunting lizards and small rodents, fighting others for food scraps, or stealing people's cardboard to enhance our shelters.

mmlindsey: Thanks for dropping by. "STOP, STOP! -- Read no more!" (I'm afraid you'll detect my undertones of dire pessimism! [grin])