Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I feel the Earth move under my feet

According to George Ure of Urban Survival ("U.S." in link bar above), the window is now opening for what could be an exciting time with two significant earthquakes, one for each of the west coasts of South and North America within the next week or two.

Stay safe everyone. We have enough to worry about with the collapsing economy. The last thing we need to is worry about falling through some other cracks.


Fran said...

Wow! Things are not all that they are cracked up to be in the 21st Century, Eh?

xandtrek said...

Since I moved to New Mexico from California, I miss being near the coast. Now the coast will be much closer -- on both sides! Except when the ice caps melt, maybe that means New Mexico will be subject to ocean flooding?

D.K. Raed said...

I kinda miss those e-quakes myself. Of course, I was never close to a big one, just the teasers, the quickie rollers and shakers, once in a while a big snapper. Funny thing about the night ones, I found myself awake prior to every one & waiting for it. But if you look at a fault-line map, you'll see there is hardly any area immune to e-quakes. Thanks for the heads-up!

Border Explorer said...

I've noticed your great interest in Urban Survival and have resisted it's charms so far myself. I'm glad you keep us posted.

Dada said...

Well, as a native Californian (er, not exactly - only moved there [from Oregon] at the age of 3 mos.), I do miss the anticipation, excitement and angst of the next EQ.

But I have fond memories of minor (unexpected) jolts that left me saying, "What was that?" before realizing where I lived.

And there was Mrs. Dada's first big shaker -- an after shock of the post-Sylmar quake in '71 with its loud preceding roar which woke us both up before it hit us.

Being a native, it was my job to act insouciant and calmly reassure Mrs. Dada by saying, "Oh, that was a nice one." (gulp)

In the late 60's I amused my neighbors who had much fun teasing me about the inflated air mattress in the backseat of the car that accompanied me across the Golden and Bay Bridges twice each day.

Yes, DK, even the Rio Grande river is an EQ zone.

Dada said...

B.E. - Ooh, yes, Urban Survival (which I don't ALWAYS agree with) looks to have some good links today.

I'm on my way over to follow 'em because -- oddly enough -- I do believe the Noah's Ark "fable" is rooted in reality, be it a flood & an ark or some salvaging of genetic codes by an alien spaceship from some other disaster.

A Ball of Light said...

i left from Monterey CA (born at Ft Ord) when i was 6 months old, to Trieste Italy for the next 1.5 years, but I tend to think of myself as a native New Mexican... kinda like hitting the ground running at birth and not stopping til Las Cruces 10 years later...

It was there one afternoon in the late 60's that i was white washing all the fences and out buildings on my boss's ranch. I had started painting the under eaves of one of those outbuildings while standing on an 8' ladder. i was 2/3 way up the ladder with paint dripping of my brush when the paint tray fell off the ladder shelf and i wound up next to it on the dirt, wondering why 2 minutes later i still felt like i was falling. That was my first quake.

After high school i went to a broadcasting school in Hollywood, Ca where i lived for 7 months. One night i left on a 10pm greyhound bus to return to NM and far, far fewer people. while we waited at the Tucson bus station for a 7am driver change and exchanges of travelers i happened to look at a tv on which was a shot of an end of the apt. building from which i had just moved out. There was probably a 2 foot (at the widest) jagged crack running from the ground to the broken roof. This was the morning of Feb 9, 1971. Apparently "The Sylmar Quake" did the heaviest damage about 18 miles away from where i had just left. I think the comment i made to myself at the time was something like "Good Timing!"


Dada said...

ABOL: The Universe never ceases to amaze me. I mean, you left Monterey where you were born (Ft. Ord) at age six months while I arrived two months shy of my 21st birthday in Monterey (Ft. Ord) where I promptly died.

It would appear the Fates have been kind, serving you up a so. NM EQ rather than a so. CA one.

Could your experience have anything to do with why they no longer whitewash fences in/around L.C. but whitewashing remains extremely popular in D.C. (i.e., no EQ's)?