Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"I feel the Earth move under my feet" (part 37)

Okay, distracted as I am about some predicted earthquake pending for the west coast of the U.S. for the moment (it's a pleasant departure from the usual everyday human self imposed miseries!), I thought I'd share the table of upcoming full moons for the next year with particular emphasis on the last one of 2008 coming up this Friday.

If we're to place any credence in the moon's ability to influence plate tectonic shifts/movements on the Earth as some believe and consider that in conjunction with predictive linguistics that "sees" something significant happening in the next couple of days, then -- setting aside all the New Age bullshit for the moment of a brighter future for mankind through some magic transcendence toward enlightenment -- it might be worthy of our consideration of the these next few days as potentially hazardous for some people somewhere.

Of course, in the more recent history of man, the greatest dangers he faces come not from Nature but, rather, from himself. And why not? Who could be more deserving of unfolding horrors and misery than those capable of blowing themselves into oblivion and, tragically, taking the whole fucking planet with them?


D.K. Raed said...

I thought the moon looked pretty full tonight and it's still 2 days early. uh-oh (gulp) ...

Fran said...

After reading your assessment, I think I'll go with the New Age bullshit instead!

Dada said...

D.K.- this is one of those "big" moons (perigee) that NASA has a nice kind of "this is your brain...this is your brain on drugs" photo comparison of here.

Some think just because its closest, its attraction (power/pull) is increased. Speaking personally (in a non-astronomical/physics sense), I've always found this to be true.

We shall see.

Dada said...

Fran: I'm not sure how to take your comment exactly. I knew when I posted this I ran the risk of offending anyone who has found benefit in New Age ideologies.

Being a "flunk out" of that school (I attended NAU in the early Nineties but was expelled because of my incurable cynicism), I can only speak from personal experience. I know NA thinking has benefited many and that perhaps I am just angry I couldn't get it to work for me.

Or, as salted with sarcasm as my post here is, you may have just been responding in kind. So, either way, I hope I've covered the bases with my "I'm sorry" or "Amen!"

D.K. Raed said...

OMG, thank you Dada for that link! I've been thinking for days/nights how HUGE the moon is looking! Have you been watching it today, late afternoon/evening? It's going up like a rocket! Now, thanks to your link, I know why. And I'll make a point of being outside at midnight to see it directly OH lighting up the backyard like a football stadium. All the better for Clyde to do his doggy biz ...

Of course I hope Urban S is wrong about any major e-quakes etc, but this is pretty exciting, I gotta admit. Kinda like a front row seat at the coliseum.

Dada said...

Deke: You've been watching the (almost) full moon rise tonight too? Wow,that's an incredible thought -- being almost a 1,000mi. apart and seeing the same thing! We must be on the same planet!! (NOTE: Does not apply to Oregon where they're lucky if they see the moon B4 next m
May. (J/K)

Yes,a front row seat and it's free!

Oh, and Clyde goes out about midnight? So does Sam, but I'm seldom around at that time.

D.K. Raed said...

Same planet, but maybe alternate universe? I am missing my telescope tonight, but I just remembered EK's big Vietnam field binoculars, so I'm going to go dig them out now. And yup, my last official act each midnight is to accompany Clyde out to "verify"! Good thing for you Sam is more self-reliant.

Fran said...

Oh if ever in doubt, assume I am being a smartass.
It was early & I was half awake.... my kid (20 years old!), got up in the wee hours to catch a flight to the midwest to visit the grandparents.

As for that remark about Oregon....... damn! it is freeezing arse cold tonight... one would think it would be clear. But no. It's thick clouds & could drop to freezing.. they are even calling for potential snow this weekend.


To cut to the chase, yes full moons make for strange happenings.

A Ball of Light said...

NAU? - Northern Arizona University? New Age University? North American Union?

Tsk Tsk... flunking out of NAU - don't you realize that you will have to come back and do it all over again sooner or later? Maybe Sam could take up a collection for your no doubt higher tuition costs.

As for finding benefit from NA thinking (NAt), it has always amused me to hear what comprised NAt, especially from fervent adherents to some channeled, colored or crystalized info stream. Seems that most of the techniques, tools, objects of veneration, etc being touted as NA are anywhere from 150 to 5000+ years old and appear to have been dressed up by those eager to impart (for a donation of course) a quick and dirty lesson on how to be a decent human being. Course the priesthood class has been anything but slack since they figured out how to bring the full moon back to the sky in exchange for a juicy handful of berries or some bush game...

I prefer to think that the current state of things in which we find ourselves spiraling (clockwise in the northern hemisphere) is analogous to a dissipative structure (ala, or rather, Ilya Prigogine) looking for its strange attractor that will catapult this sorry mess into a higher energy (and possibly saner) state of equilibrium.

Got synergy?


Dada said...

D.K. ~Addendum: You mentioned watching this full moon approach is like a front seat at the coliseum.

Just curious: Which one? The one where the rams used to play, or the lions? I've been to the former, only seen pics of the latter.

Dada said...

fran: Thanks, I've made a note, to wit: "NOTE re Fran: When not being serious, assume she's being smart-assed.

And what a nice Xmas present for the grandparents - a visit from grandson!

Dada said...

ABOL: Wow, Prigogine? I remember discussions I would season with his name during walks on Cannon Beach a few years back.(Obviously, the pre-walk ales from Bill's would embolden me to spike the conversations.)

Your comment finds me trying to invest in rebuilding the infrastructure of mind; to reconnect dendrites, synapses, whatever, that once existed as the information highway 'upstairs,' presently in an entrophied state of disrepair of pathways to dead end off ramps.

I'm not certain I have the resources to commit to such a huge, let alone worthwhile (?) project at this late state of the mental empire which finds itself debating whether to muster all available resources just to understand the Medicare, Part D, drug prescription plan designed to "benefit" U.S. seniors everywhere, or buy a bus ticket, don my Phrygian cap and head for D.C.

Speaking of which (and as illustration as to the vast amount of afforementioned disrepair), when reading your comment I inadvertently became confused resulting in a long and fruitless search this morning for my Prigoginian cap.

Any chance you'll be visiting the hinterlands of NM in the next few months? This is a discussion best conducted at the HDBC over the fluids and plasmas of a few ESB's and IPA's.

Oh, and thanks for the "threat" of having to return and try this all over again. That's really scary after last eve which found me in bed with Gerald Celente (ah, not literally), scaring the hell out of me. The thought of what lies ahead in '09 or repeating the past (adolescence & high school) is enough to make one consider cosmic suicide. (IF that were possible, which it probably isn't as the Eagles so aptly warned us while in the Hotel California.)

Oh, and finally, a "New Age university (themed) blue checker patterned collection bowl??!! (I'll make sure Sam doesn't see this.)

A Ball of Light said...

o my dada... hard day at the brewery? or prion damage? ya gotta quit eating them roadside tamales!

Back when the Eisenhower interstates were new, my family traveled up 101 from Walnut Creek (Berkeley), Ca thru Olympia and on to Everett, Wa where my parents grew up and both sets of Gparents still lived. Such beautiful and exuberant scenery up there near your aled and prigogine-laced beach walk. And where more appropriate to discuss the fractal nature of the world than a coastline.

i betcha a gimme cap could be a rude stand-in as a symbol of Liberté here in (the soon to be 9 nations of) these united states... besides being pretty much all i possess in my hattery, i don't speak french so a Phrygian cap might not work too well for me.

head to dc? hell, block the Avenida Juarez bridge for a few weeks (ala "A Day Without a Mexican") and then converge on crawford to apprehend and ship the prince of fools to den Hague. Once the head of that boil on the ass of america is lanced the sooner the rest of the ill humours can drain.

Oh, and Redact your Taxforms!!!

Speaking of journeys to the hinterlands, i leave Pa on the 16th and will be in LC on the 23rd til the 26th or 27th. i will also be there from ~may til the new bathroom addition & roof work are finished (chile harvest time maybe). you still have my #? gimme a call & we'll set something up.

till then