Friday, November 14, 2008

Today's Image from the Highlands

Germany, home of Europe's largest economy, announced yesterday it is now officially in a recession. Gee, Dada sure hopes they don't export that here, to America!

Perhaps a short note on last night's local news is indicative of something economic going on here, however. Seems local banks and credit unions are now requesting that, when entering their premises, folks kindly remove their sunglasses and hats. "All the better to see you," I suppose the FBI might say as you run off with the fed's money.

I prefer, however, to focus on another place, another time, by posting a photo from our last trip to Northern New Mexico two years ago. Yes, I've posted this before (and, yes, I have painter software and am not afraid to use it).

This then is the Rancho de Chimayo Restaurante and Hacienda
in Chimayo, NM,with the autumn's harvest of red chiles tracing
it's roofline as golden pumpkins
anchor its foundations, inviting
everyone to enter, to escape for an hour or two, and partake of fine
food and drink. (Removing of shades and hats is strictly optional.)


A Ball of Light said...

ahhh ... chimayo - some of the best red chile in the state, and if you happen to be so inclined you can merge into the long, long stream of easter week pilgrims that line the roads on their annual trek to the healing, holy dirt of the floor at el Santuario de Chimayo... hmmm gotta get a couple bucketfuls (depletion is not a worry) to sprinkle around the Prairie Chapel Ranch in Texas to corral the evilness that has emanated from there.

the EP news is only now getting around to the "we need a clear shot of your face" bank policies? oh wait... that particular swath of the country is usually behind the rest of the country in adopting fads... maybe we should start a koran friendly Pastafarian sect that would allow us to enter the temples of mammon without profaning our strict beliefs...

and in case Vigilant shield does presage another false flage... allow me to also proffer a small dose of Truth & Reality fringeness for your esteemed perusal


Dada said...

abol: I had this eerie feeling yesterday whilst posting this it might draw a response from you for some strange reason. Maybe I was somehow glimpsing the future, i.e., a future that proffered recognition of winning the "Most Enlightening Comment (With Nine or More Links) Ever Made on a Blog Site With Ten or Fewer Readers" award. That award.

So thanks for honoring "Dada's" with this. I'm still touring these most enlightening links, with reflections on the past, contemplations of the future. Much to think about.

I enjoyed the video of the Santuario. Many years ago, I procured some of that miracle dirt. So long ago in fact, I don't remember what my ailment was. I'm pretty sure it didn't have anything to do with crutches though. (Maybe it worked, huh?)

But it seems, as best I can recall, it failed to remedy whatever was ailing me. But then, in all fairness, I admit it didn't come with instructions, so I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to rub it on or eat it. And just as there were no instructions for its proper application, it came without the faith required also -- to be supplied by the suffering, the infirm I guess. (Jesus, I'm such a loser!)

The big thing holding me back from "walking the walk" to Chimayo in the Easter spring is my fear of being seen as wimpy. A cross is a terrible thing to bear for any great distance. (Don't ask me about that here, ok?) That, and I'm just not that firmly committed to self-flagellation.

I have to ask: With links to Pastafarianism, "Do you know Nona, my oldest e-friend?" (Nona, if you happen to read this, I didn't mean "oldest" in the biblical sense, ok?)

OK, I got up particularly early this morning for my second round of 'hitting the links'. That last one, the Truth & Reality one, could prove to be the most difficult of all. A par 5 at least.

Once more, thanks. (I suppose there really could be a very tiny unseeable teapot in elliptical orbit between Earth and Mars. Thath would be far less fattening than Pastafarianism which always leaves me ravenous for starchy stuff.)

BTW abol, enjoying the unfolding of your new blog! WTG

Fran said...

Funny you should mention this, because someone invented a better way to pull off bank heists.
Some band of folks accessed Soc sec #
s & bank accounts & made up fake ID & have been hitting up Wells Fargo banks from WA & OR..... not wearing hats or sunglasses & taking out funds & cashing checks in a string incidents. Problem with that is, they have some very clear pictures of these folks, and their white mini van vehicle. Probably just a matter of time before they get caught. They may spend years in the slammer wondering why the hell they did not think to wear hats & sunglasses.
Clearly ski masks are over the top,and too stereotypical of bank robbers in the 20th century.
In the 21st century, the garb for bank robbery is Wall Street business attire, and banker clothing. They used to ride in on horses packing guns, but now they drive in BMW's, packing laptops.

My the times have changed!

Dada said...

Whoa -- talk about 'being in the present' (or not), in my previous comment I forgot the whole reason for it, i.e., to confess a certain naiveté about proper attire for bank surveillance cameras.

It figures this week was the first we'd heard about it. When settling here many years ago (coming from CA, oft times a leader in trends, fads and crazes), I often lamented being so behind the times.

But I suppose this is the exception worthy of a little pride? But thanks for letting us know. It just might save me from getting busted when visiting Arizona or some other exotic place.

(BTW, I was the cause of much, much excitement at a Mini-Mart in Oregon once for attempting to fill my car's gas tank sans help, i.e., the "proper authorities." Fortunately I had my 'credentials' for being so unlightenend -- my Texas license plates!)

Dada said...

Fran: Funny post. Thanks. Yes, a ski mask is a tad gaudy for bank robberies, isn't it?

And thanks for updating us folks here in El Paso - where news seems to land last - re the new bandits vs. the old guns and horses ones.

Yes, Beamers and laptops seem to be the weapons of choice. Would that crowd of Wall Streeters include their aiders and abettors, our government? But wait, the gov't has guns! Oh but, fortunately, they haven't had to use 'em to steal from us. That's because OUR gov't works to defend the interests of its citizens, right?)

Fran said...

This bank heist thing has gotten really out of hand. Now you just need to be a part of the Treasury, or hold a guvmnt ID badge to rob/steal billions.

Dada said...

Yes. Well at least they respectable, i.e., they dress in nice suits and ties, unlike those kids hiding behind shades and caps while stealing a 12-pack from the 7-11.

Border Explorer said...

El Paso is just catching up with Juarez on this ruling against hats and sunglasses. A nice bank guard (rather obsequiously) asked Mr. B.E. and I to comply last spring when we were obviously foreigners in a Juarez bank.

Pretty soon the over-the-top violence will be spreading to El Paso, also, I'll bet. Check this out. Just when you thought the horrors of Halloween were safely behind us.