Sunday, November 16, 2008

Digesting the news.

(EDITOR SAM'S NOTE: Below is blog number 37 in the series "The Sun Sets on the American Empire.")

As Dada contemplates his satellite dish and why he chose to spell
liberté with an "é" instead of a "y," Dorothy climbs the ladder to
inquire if he is at liberty to take his leave of Liberté and come
down off the roof. "Your lunch is ready," she tells him..

"Dorothy, did you hear what French President Sarkozy did yesterday?" Dada asks without pausing for an answer.

"He backed Russian President Dmitri Medvedev's previously ignored calls for a new pan-European security pact in a direct rejection of Bush's ambition to plant weapons under Russia's nose! You know, like pokin' the Russians in the eye with the pointy ends of his annoying little missiles?"

"Instead, the French are telling Bush, 'Go stick the missiles up your ass!' " Dada exclaimed with less than subtle excitement.

"Are you coming down?" Dorothy reiterated impatiently. "Your lunch is getting cold."

Dada smiled. "Now I know why I spelled Liberty Liberté."

(Next up for Dada: Mulling over where the new American president will stick Bush's missiles over a lunch of sliced roast beef, French dip and fries that has grown woefully cold.)


Fran said...

The decider is the anti diplomat.... can we let him go early?

D.K. Raed said...

This Dorothy chick really gets around.