Monday, November 10, 2008

And the losers are???

WHOOPS! (from the I slipped category of presidential bloopers):

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." --George W. Bush, Aug. 5, 2004

Dorothy watches as America crashes and burns.

It's all coming off so smoothly, isn't it? Bush and Obama working congenially on the transition of power which is going just swimmingly. While Obama was seeing the inside of the oval office for the very first time, Laura guided Michelle on a tour of the first family’s living quarters.

And this Wednesday begins "Operation Vigilant Shield." It runs from Nov. 12-18, 2008 and will link multiple concurrent exercises in the implementation of martial law after a terrorist attack.

While I realize I'm sounding a wee bit "out there" and conspiratorial, please pardon. I'll probably exhibit signs of paranoia until the vermin are out of the White House once and for all, okay?

It's not my intention to scare anybody, save for a word of warning, especially to residents of Portland, OR ,and Phoenix, AZ, (recall U.S. unpreparedness the morning of 9/11 because of joint exercises being conducted to prevent just such events as were going on in D.C. and NYC).

(NOTE: Dada thinks it prudent we all be especially alert these last 70 days of Bush -- just in case our friends and/or family members in one of the cities like Phoenix, Portland or others get nuked by the Bush regime in order to cement their power.)


Border Explorer said...

What a graphic...sobering in its creativity. Like you, I can't drop the dread. I won't relax till Bush & Co. are out of power. It may take awhile after that.

Would you explain the reference to Portland and Phoenix a bit to your mentally-impaired readers (like me)?

Dada said...

Hi B.E. - Yeh, geez I hate being such a cynic re this congenial Bush transfer of power.

Sometimes I like to stray a bit (escape?) to the fringes of reality and so, while over on Urban Survival, doing my daily check on the state of the collapsing economy, there yesterday there was a link to The Lone Star Iconoclast about the upcoming operation Vigilant Shield.

Quoting: "Once an urban area has been designated an exercise target, that designation increases its odds of actually experiencing a future false flag attack. It takes considerable resources to corrupt an area, and false flag insiders like to get a return on investment. Since Houston, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and Phoenix have already been “prepared” in prior exercises, they remain especially vulnerable. In addition, Vigilant Shield will probably add new areas in northern California to the potential target list."

I remember last summer when Portland was the recipient of a gov't exercise resulting in many startled reports of low flying black helicopters over that city.

"It's nothing to worry about, city and federal officials insisted....The crews practiced drills including aerial maneuvering, landing and dismounting in an urban setting..."

It was all part of an approved "Defense Department's request to train in the city."

OK, just feeding on my daily dose of paranoia. Thanks for asking. (I'm really NOT crazy. [I don't think.] Am I? Remember, it IS the Cheney-Bush whacko boys.)

eProf2 said...

As I sit here contemplating a response, there are several low flying, roaring hummers overhead heading toward PHX. Now, I'm really spooked. They've passed already. But by the time I got to the window to see them they were gone. No, I'm not making this up. Thanks, Dada! A whole bunch!

D.K. Raed said...

so I guess southern nevada & southwest utah is already so f*cked by decades of military target exercises, involving soldiers & live nukes & many sky shows of strength performed on unknowing or unbelieving civilians & possibly even E.T.s, that we no longer count? (sniff, sniff, well maybe you are right, the damage has already been done there/here) ...

oh wait, you said "urban", well what about all the live ordinance boom-booms we endured in san diego? the daily noise bombardment of Super Stallions that could mimic earthquake damage? the Top Gun freeway flyovers wherein future McCains attempted emergency landings on top of unsuspecting speeding cars full of people late for work. does that not count either?

Operation Vigilent Shield -- who names these things? Sounds a bit too much like Operation Desert Shield to me, with a touch of Divine Strake thrown in.