Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday thoughts

"It's totally FUBAR'ed -- beyond all redemption," was my reply to a deeply
concerned president Bush inquiring of Dada of his legacy as 43rd president
of the United States. "Same as you left the nation -- totally FUBAR'ed!
Besides, it's a little too late to be worried about your ass now when we
have to fight to save the nation's ass!" I added.


Quote of the day: "Who's the real terrorists?" comes from an anonymous comment posted on Truthout. It was in response to a post-election article entitled "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been" by Obama supporter and dreaded "terrorist" of the Right, Bill Ayer's.

"It will be hard to put the hate genie that McCain, Palin and their
enabling media whores unleashed back into the bottle. I endured that
hate from the mouths of so-called "born again Christians" while working
at the polls in western NC last Tuesday. "Who would Jesus bomb?"

"The American Taliban will make sure that everything we've fought for,
including what Mr. Ayers fought for, will be reversed by these
home-grown terrorists that believe that God talks to them, and and that
God commands them to destroy everyone else that doesn't believe in what
they do. After all, they see themselves as fulfilling God's prophesies
of Armageddon and the Apocalypse.

"Onward Christian soldiers, marching
as to war, with the cross of Jesus,
going on before !" Ayers fought to
stop a war. The right-wing is fighting
to start a world war. So who's
the real terrorists here??"


That was nice. Oh, and while in this vein, I'd just like to congratulate the "real terrorists" for their successful anti-gay bills passed in places like Florida, Arkansas, Arizona and California last Tuesday.

If we can't resolve this by a little attitude adjustment of the homophobes or by peacefully splitting the nation into two (or more) countries, I suppose it may be necessary to round these folks up and ship 'em off to Norway where they will be fined or imprisoned up to two years for "public threats, defamations, expressions of hate, agitation for discrimination or voting against equal rights for LGBT citizens." (OK, so the last part, the "voting against equal rights for LGBT citizens" part? I just threw that in. So sue me!)


D.K. Raed said...

Thank you Dada, that pic was my best laugh of the day!!!! Just imagine the blast of sulfur breath from El Diablo ... I'm surprised you escaped to tell the tale.

Border Explorer said...

I don't know how you come by all your creativity, but I'm sure glad you share it with us. Thanks for another great post.

meldonna said...
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meldonna said...

Jerry Cox is the main terrorist of and extensive network here in Arkansas; but they can't win forever.

As for your meeting with the Current Resident, I applaud your couth. And restraint!

Fran said...

Looks like California's Prop 8 is headed to court. The gay marriage ban denies equal rights. I think the 9th Circuit Court will overturn it, but will it then eventually go to the Federal Supreme Court? Don't want that to happen until the New Pres is able to restore some balance to the highest court...presently, it is stacked to the right.
As for the outgoing president & marshal law exercises, thy don;t need to do anything different to scare the hell out of me.....
that ship has already sailed.

Wendy said...

Mr. Dada!!!!!!!

Hillarious picture!!!!!!!
I just stopped by to see what was new in your blog and I just had to comment this one!!! It's GREAT!
Oh Mr. Dada! Thank you so much for going (you and Mrs. Dada!) last saturday! Really appreciated it! I will write a loooooong comment sooon!!!!!

Take Care Mr. Dada!