Monday, October 06, 2008

Bail us out or face martial law!

Just to reiterate my penultimate blog here in case you missed "Need a bailout?.... " from Saturday, 10/4, representative Brad Sherman from California revealed how some reps in the house were threatened with martial law in the U.S. if they didn't vote for the bailout!

I guess we've all just become so accustomed and complacent to the Bush/Cheney modus operandi of employing terror to achieve their agenda's goals we think nothing of their blackmailing nervous Nellies into going along, right?

Of course, while terrorizing us all, we must remember the Bush administration is keeping us all safe from terror, right?


eProf2 said...

Yes, Dada, I watched Sherman's video that you posted several days ago. He's not just kidding when it comes to martial law. See the Army Times issues explaining how the military has set up an active Army unit inside the US for "civilian unrest." Here is the link:

Quoting from the Army Times: The brigade will not change its name, but the force will be known for the next year as a CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force, or CCMRF (pronounced “sea-smurf”).

So, if the elections or Wall Street or protestors of either event occur, the US Army can be called into action by, guess who, the president of his designee, to put down the uprising. That's in addition to all of the other police activities in this country.

Sherman was onto something but not really spelling it out for fear he would be adding to the fear mongering already going on.

As posters on BE said today, this country is rotting and not much is being done about it other than wishing and hoping that Obama and a new administration (if they get there) will do something to stop the rotting.

sck01 said...

Methinks the martial law is coming, now that the bailout has proved about as effective as a thimbleful of bleach down a rathole (in this case the reeking global financial sewer system whereby the deposits of thoroughly outwitted suckers like most of us have long been divvied up into the gold the sewer architects skimmed as part of the blueprint, and the shit the rest of us find ourselves drowning in as scavengers steal the manhole covers and the tsunami comes bubbling up from the streets, or -- slightly more antiseptically -- the stock market crawl on our TV screens).

Speaking of streets, it can't be long before the gas-rationing begins and the shelves are scoured of food that won't be replaced by the truckers who didn't get paid.

Before the civil unrest proceeds, W and Dick will throw the emergency brake and those U.S. troops shipped home to handle an "emergency" will be presented with one of our own making.

McCain's deficit in the polls won't matter, as no one will be voting for a while.

Elections? We don't need no stinkin' elections!

To borrow a parallel universe from Dada (number 37?), maybe the Treaz and the Fed can tighten the tourniquet and keep a semblance of civilization going for another few months, in which case another scenario plays out: McCain-Palin's slime campaign slithers to new depths and succeeds in making Yahoo nation very very afraid. It's happening already: stirring the natives to a fever pitch, Mac the Knife and Sixpack Sarah are playing the terror card (William Ayres, with Rev. Wright up their sleeve) and inspiring voices to shout about Obama, "Terrorist" and "Kill him!"

If you can't win an election with votes or ordinary fraud (landslides make it harder), then how about that patriotic All-American fallback of inciting to riot, or perhaps, dare we say it, assassination?

Oh, excuse me, was I having a nightmare? I'm such a worrier. Guess I ought to have a few and watch really loud cars knock each other off the oval or go shoot a few wild mammals, or maybe certain liberals of color.

Oh, and thanks, Dada, for turning me on to

Border Explorer said...

Love how you identify the irony of the subplot in your final paragraph.

Dada said...

Holy Holocaust, Batman! When I posted this rehash of Sherman's speech this morning, I had no idea a couple of nonsomnambulistic stupored folks would stop by and comment. And while I just want to express how much I appreciate your insights, quite frankly, you're both scaring the hell outta me! Could yours be the voices of the *silent mainstream*? Could your linguistics be that of our predictive future? Scary, scary indeed.

Eprof. Thanks for the link to the Army Times article re our own storm troopers from Iraq being deployed in Der Homeland for our own well being. (I had quoted from it in my 10/01 post, "Last Hurrah! to the Old World..." which I had gotten from -- where else? Urban Survival of course.)

And sck01 -- I admire your courage in speaking the (up to now) mostly unspeakable re Obama. (You'd better pray nothing happens to him, lest there be knocks on your door in the middle of the night.)

Speaking of which, today begins the big event threshold predicted to occur 10/07/08 on the UrbanSurvival site. They allow a couple days leeway. And tonight there's a prez debate. OMG! OMG!

But more after that, later this evening. This is no longer funny. This is for the foreseeable future extremely serious and we should all be making plans.

Later.....and TY!

Thanks, BE....signed, a very nervous and angry Dada....hopefully a post later delineating the further decline of our fake democracy, fake ........

p.s. - Under more normal circumstances, eprof, BE, sck01 may have all rendezvoused in the High Desert sometime this winter. Instead, it looks like we might stumble across one or more of us in the same institution of incarceration this winter instead!

Mariamariacuchita said...

are we at the bottom yet?

Dada said...

I don't THINK so!