Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"Fake democracy, fake patriotism" Dada quits!

"This would be a lot easier if it was a dictatorship,
just as long as I'm the dictator"

George Bush, December 18, 2000

Oh how we laughed, when this we first read
But it's no damn joke, the nation's now dead
~ Dada

"I’m not saying this is the perfect answer. If I were dictator, which
I always aspire to be, I would write it a little bit differently."
John McCain, October 1, 2008

This seems as good a time as any to suspend this blog. "Dada" was originally created to look at serious events unfolding that impact most of us and spice them with a hint of skepticism, a pinch of humor. But theres no longer anything funny about what's happened to this country.

Tina Fey makes us laugh at Sarah Palin, but Sarah Palin is no laughing matter. Sarah Palin is deadly serious!

And the America we knew is dead. We allowed it to die. Naomi Wolf, in the following, most important video I've seen since the emergence of video, offers us a wee bit of hope at the end. But honestly? I know of no man or woman in the country today with the balls to do as she suggests.

Here then is that video. It's 27 minutes in length. I don't care if people watch only a minute a day (although we may not have the luxury of taking that much time to finish it). You could slide over to about the 4:20 mark, cutting its length to about 23 minutes. But know the coup has occurred and time is of the essence.

Debating the campaign is now futile. The powers that be will give us the outcome they intend us to have, the outcome we deserve. Look for a very exciting few weeks until the election.

I'll still be lurking in the blogs, but after nearly three and one half years, Dada bids all "Goodbye and good luck."


eProf2 said...

But, where else will you get to rant if not here? Oh, you can rant at my place anytime you want!

And, what will Sam the editor do? There are only so many ball chasing moments a day. I guess you'll have to teach him some new tricks, such as video games or whatever.

Hope to see you lurking often. Know, however, you're posts will be missed by many -- all three of us! LOL!

eProf2 said...

That was one heck of a video interview. I've gone online to buy her book and to more fully grasp her seven principles. She is very articulate and makes no bones about the idea that we are in the midst of a take-over and a coup backed up by military units reporting to the president. It will be very interesting to see and to observe closely what GWB is doing in these days of his administration. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when the wall will be completed so we can't escape to Mexico?

I don't think it is a coincidence that the Sarah Palin crowd is yelling "kill him" because if that happens, martial law will be called. Would it be a conspiracy to think that you let a black man run for President so you can kill him off so you have a reason to declare martial law?

According to Naomi Klein, these blogs are even more important now as we need the Internet to disseminate these videos.


sck01 said...

Some dispassionate observations:
1)Three or four thousand troops is not enough to impose martial law;
2) Why did they allow this information out if it's part of a pre-orchestration?
3)Why is Naomi Wolf still breathing?

That doesn't mean I'm not scared shitless. But consider....
Even if Naomi's right, they'll have to shut down the Internet to complete the coup, so we need each other's blogs more than ever right now. If we can succeed in getting the msm to sound the alarm we may at least forestall the worst case.

NYT this a.m. had an editorial condemning the McCain campaign's incitement to violence. And Biden's warnings got coverage. There can't be a surprise if we blow their cover. I expect Olbermann to pick up on Sherman's comments and maybe Naomi's. Better be soon, though.

Then again we could just go drink beer for as long as a table for five at HDBC isn't an illegal assembly. Or until we can't carry enough dollars in the wheelbarrow to pay for the IPA.

Dada said...

OK, OK, "sicko" makes a good point or two, like, ahm, oh, maybe points 1., 2., and 3. listed in his comment.

So, ok, I'll take a wild stab at answering 'em (with no pretentions at being anywhere near correct):

1.) Americans are pliable, Americans are obedient and this 3,000-4,000 troops are just a "core" to see local military and police comply with the brigade's (Bush's) directives.

2.)"Why did they allow this information out if it's part of a pre-orchestration?" Because they can, knowing we're not paying attention and even if we were, we can't be bothered right now because of a.)American Idol, b.) Dancing with the Stars, c.) NFL Football, d.) it's World Series playoff time, e.) NASCAR, pro golf, Survivor, or f.)Wheel of Fortune is on, catch-me-later, i.e., they can allow the information out because no one really gives a shit.

3.)"Why is Naomi Wolf still breathing?" Because everyone loves a beautiful woman with brains (plus, it's pretty certain she really hasn't any -- her Reveresque ride only serves to rally the "kill him mentality" troops to do Bush's bidding.

Howsomeever, sickos comment conclusion appears still valid and presents an excellent idea. Let me go look for a wheel barrow large enough for a pint of IPA.

Border Explorer said...

I put some comments on my blog today, Dada. I'm seriously bummed: 1) that you've quit the Dally. Wow, I'll really miss it. And: 2) Our country is going down a Black Hole of No Return (maybe). The economy thing had me spooked already, then I watched Taxi to the Dark Side which tilled the ground for Naomi Wolf, who we watched last night. I feel apprehensive and anxious. And did I mention that I was going to miss you?

horsedooty said...

adios amigo ¡Vaya con dios!

yo soy Horsedooty!

y'all come visit and participate at the backchannel blog. you can get there this way.


PTCruiser said...

This is very sad news, Dada. Gonna miss you a lot, comrade. I'm hoping you do the same thing I did, and make a return guest star appearance. Take care, brother.

Fran said...

If history repeats itself, Dada will be back. You take sabbaticals, but after a rest you return for a number of reasons.

• You are a good writer.
• Writing is a healthy outlet
• We live in *interesting times* (an old ancient curse).

In all seriousness though, the shit is hitting the fan, on the financial front, and I suspect this is just the beginning of a long & disastrous period. You hate to see all that doom & gloom come to fruition, but better it happen *before the election*.
Timing is everything, they say.

Anyway take a break & come back to the table when you & editor Sam are ready.

enigma4ever said...

I hope you will take a break...and rest...and do things that cheer your soul...and laugh....I know all about Breaks...otherwise we will really miss you .....Miss your stories...your fine editor and your humor...I lurk here often...( I don;t always feel I have anything useful to say.....) I do think we are all tired and people are trying to keep their heads above water....Don't lose faith...we will get this Broken Shambles of a Country back....somehow...

take care...enigma4ever@earthlink.net....write me if you need to....or if you need anything....

D.K. Raed said...

But Dada, what will I read with my morning herbal tea? What will inspire me to take a second, whoaaah, deeper look at some seemingly innocuous event? Who else puts the special Dada-zing, that side-ways view askew, into everything he writes?

I agree there's hardly anything funny anymore, but I refuse to let what's going on rob me of my sense of humor along with everything else they've taken. We can cash in our retirement plans for that worthless wheelbarrow of pieces of green paper & use it all for sleepingbag insulation for those upcoming cold wintery nights. I know I'll feel better sleeping with all those dead presidents, who if they weren't already dead, would be too angry to die now. The blood of patriots ...

Well, I'm bereft ... will miss you terribly ... you are the dictator of your own blog, so you are the deciderer of which way you will go. Selfishly, I hope you decide to stay on, maybe becoming Dada's Weekly?

meldonna said...

I feel ya, friend -- being just back from a recent sabbatical myself, it does take some energy to keep up this blogging thing. I know one thing; I'll damn sure keep on checking this blog to see if you do a Greater Tuna for us. And maybe the once weekly idea is not a bad one. It's what I'm holding to myself.

Now I'm off to the library to use a computer fast enough run a video...in case you're wondering, my car is a jalopy, too.

thailandchani said...

Like many others, I hope you'll reconsider. I don't think any of us are approaching a violation of the sedition laws yet.. and we need all the voices we can find to continue speaking out.


A Ball of Light said...

Dada... so long... we hardly knew ya man... I thouroughly enjoyed meeting you and the lovely Mrs. Dada last week in LC, as well as Tom & Brenda... i had looked forward to reading much more of your incisive wit and delightful juxtapositioning of the dailies with the absurdities provided, while not free of charge exactly (closer to 7+ trillion), by the _resident and co_resident and their mangy troupe...

I will miss you, new friend... be well, be strong, be onery and proud...


Mariamariacuchita said...

This is a dark time. Please come back to comment as and when you wish.

Naomi Wolf has a valuable voice, so do you, but we all must choose when and how to use it.

Be well.

Utah Savage said...

Dada, you have received some very nice, encouraging comments here, but I'm now going to call you a coward. Yes, I said it. After listening to Naomi Wolf your act of valor is to give up? After posting this piece by Naomi Wolf, myself, my decision is to post more often and not give up and hide. I'm no younger than you. I live alone and haven't the comfort of a wife to coddle and comfort me, but I couldn't look myself in the mirror if I gave up in the face of such bullies as we, as a nation, have given this kind of power to and never challenged. If we don't vote to drastically change the course, we will have a revolution. At last, I say. So buck up Dada. Now is not the time to give up, give in, stop fighting the ignorance and lies. Now is the time for courage and action. Your silence is complicity.

enigma4ever said...

So I have thought alot about what Utah wrote....and you know ...I found myself nodding...and kind of sad...see here is the thing...I left for awhile...I left, took an unplanned Sabattical back in the winter of 2007, back when i realized my Federal Attorney....was fired...by Bushco...it was devastating at that time..I felt like wow...there is NO justice left..what is the point...combine that with broken computer and moving when my landlord was forelcosed- and having days to move and the thermometer hovering at Negative 10 degrees...anyways after much Woe piled up...I shut down for monthes...kind of gave up...figured what the hell was the damn point..BUT then I thought about certain people....you...DK...Mel...and PT... others..and I realized that we are all in this together....still.....and that as long as we are strong enough to carry a pitchfork...and pass the torch that we should and can hang in there....because people like you and MrsDada were and are worth fighting for...I know that we are in for more hell...I guess what I am saying is ....please know that No matter what..if you just want to hang out at DK or my blog or Fran..and visit...and take a break..or what ever you need...but know this...we need your Warrior Spirit and grit and wisdom....

just something to think about....

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