Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When you talk in tongues, you talk to Dada, and believe me, brothers and sisters, I hear you!

Oh My GOD!! Dada just saw the trailer for the movie Religulous
(pronounced sorta like Caligula if it had an "s" on the end of it). I learned
that sometimes when preachers talk in tongues, they talk to Dada!

You can hear one talk to Dada here, or here, .....

... & here. Truthfully, the tongues talking guy? I didn't understand
a word he said to Dada. "Sorry, were you talking to me?" I asked.
[Of course he was! And while I didn't understand what the Hell
he was saying/asking, the really important thing was I heard him.]

Actually, the above links send you all to the same place, kinda just
like all those prayers from all those different religions globally
probably link to the same place (i.e., if anyone's really listening).

Note: One caveat -- if you choose to watch the trailer, it may
contain doses of blasphemy depending on your tolerance for
or against intolerence (???). But Dada found president Bush's
part to be the most impressive clip of the lot of 'em! After all,
how could we have gotten to this point in our history without him?

Bless his heart, George Bush tries so hard, doesn't he? But while
he talks to me and I can hear him, just like the preacher in above
trailer for the movie who speaks in tongues, I can't understand
a fucking word Bush is saying either.

NOTE: Images courtesy of disbeliefnet.com which co-opted 'em from someplace else, I suppose.


Border Explorer said...

Jehovah is my Facebook friend, just like you are, Dada. I am twice-blessed.

Do you intercede for us before the throne of God when we talk to you in tongues? If so, thank you. Signed, Your Devoted

eProf2 said...

Dada, you're going to be a HUGE movie star now and thousands will flock to this web page. Then, you can ask for donations, gifts, jet planes, yachts, whatever worldly thing you desire. Please remember your first friends when you become rich and famous!

eProf2 said...

BE, your FB friend, Jehovah, is a riot. Bill Mahar and Dada would be proud to call him "friend." When you go to J's web page be sure to read the comment sections and follow the "conversation." My jaw still hurts from laughing out loud for such a long time. BE, how do you get to meet so many interesting people online? You must be "personality magnet."