Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And De Bate Goes On!

We're supposed to have dinner with friends tomorrow night. Plans were made a couple weeks ago. But since then the first debate between McCain and Obama was scheduled. It was planned to take place this Friday night. So Mrs. Dada e-mailed our dinner friends, offering 'em an out should they want to watch the debate. She received a reply, "It's not a debate if only one shows up." (Apparently there may not be a debate.)

Our friend makes a good point. But a football game doesn't fold if one team's quarterback can't make it. There are other QB's that can come in, in his place. So in the event McCain will opt out (because he's joining us for dinner?), maybe Obama could go ahead without him anyway?

There are back-ups just itching to be in the game. Folks like Bob Barr,
Alan Keyes, Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney. I suppose I'm being, like, way sarcastic. That'd probably be far too risky for Obama. Plus it would probably add legitimacy to third parties as well -- the bane of the two major parties.

Interestingly, I happened upon a Ralph Nader video comparing McCain and Obama. Surprisingly, they are alike on a number of major issues. So opening the discussion to other parties might make the debate far more interesting, even if McCain doesn't show. It might even expose us to ideas not being discussed between the two major candidates.

I have a thought. Maybe third party candidates could be allowed to participate in the debates and if either the republican or democrat felt uncomfortable with them there, they could wear blinders just like race horses. (You know, blinders, like trainers put on some of their edgy horses to keep 'em from getting nervous or spooked?)
That aside, I wonder what it says about a nation that allows a judge to intervene in bankruptcy court hearings to modify a loan (such as lowering an interest rate so the owner can afford to pay the mortgage), but that only applies to a second home but not a primary residence?

And what does it say as we learn in an article on Truthout (from Nomi Prins at Mother Jones) about the power of the treasury secretary by giving him control of $700 billion to bailout sick companies but, as the fine print of Section VI of the bill authorizing such reveals, that's "$700 billion outstanding at one time." I guess that means if his $700 billion is running low, he can just top it back up to $700 billion again, right?

Well, minutia aside, I'd like to highlight what Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Ohio) had to say about the $700 billion plus rescue scheme being debated on the floor of the House. She did a great job.


Border Explorer said...

I thought Letterman was on-target when he suggested that Palin should be filling in for McCain. Isn't that the VP's role? "Get on with it, Sarah! Whatcha waitin' for?"

Dada said...

b.e. - Thanks for the comment on this one. When I posted this I had the thought this was something that would get absolutely no responses. In fact, I suspected making such a suggestion might only expedite my demise in here bloggerland. So be it.

But I like your suggestion. I don't know if it's because we cut ourselves off from the 120 channels we previously "enjoyed" on satellite, but it seems we don't hear much these days from either McCain or Palin. (The former in hiding, either in the senate or under Bush's coattails, the latter in hiding, uh ... Dada biting his tongue here.)

Can't wait for the VP debate, that is, if there is one.

D.K. Raed said...

I dunno. I kinda like the idea of a one person debate. We don't get real debates anyway. Why not complete the farce?

Dada said...

D.K. Good point. Anything (any debate) is better than no debate, but let's make sure there's an empty chair saved in McCain's name on the stage with the other debater(s).

Watched our possible next vice president's interview with Couric and, seriously, if she makes it in Nov. with McCain, I'm sure my mental health with lose its grip on (sur)reality. This woman is an embarrassment as a mayor, sure as hell as a governor and no way belongs anywhere NEAR the seat of U.S. gov't in D.C. (show me the handful of politicians presently there that do!).

More and more secession is looking better and better. (I was going to say, as a nation, the state of WEST Texas would be very poor, but richer than the U.S. if they approve this bailout I guess.)

D.K. Raed said...

Lincoln Chaffee (former congressman from R.I.) called Palin a "cocky wacko". Andrew Sullivan calls her "an embarrassment". She ranges from "zero" to "dangerous" on the presidetial richter scale. When I compare her to other women who rose to the political tops of their countries (like Benazir Butto, Indira Ghandi, Golda Meir, Maggie Thatcher), I am abashed that this SHAM was even allowed (jeez, more than allowed, embraced & worshipped by the fundies!) to be confirmed as potential co-leader of the "beacon of democracy", "light of the world" etc USA. Only a country that has already given up those titles would even consider Palin as leadership material. (big fat sigh, hanging my head in shame & defeat) ...