Thursday, September 25, 2008


eProf2 said...

That is FUNNY!

Dada said...

Thanks eprof. Actually, we just went through a couple days of Amber Alert (which ended well, thankfully).

But Mrs. Dada told me of a story about the sudden "disappearance" of John McCain, i.e., re his accessibility to the media who are following or traveling with him. No longer does he talk to them as he used to. During flights the curtain is drawn, separating McCain from the press. So actually, he's probably been missing a little before the date on the sign.

I just put the two, Amber and Johnny, together. Let's hope it has a "happy ending."

Anonymous said...

should have called it silver alert, since he must have something wrong in his had for saying our economy is stable a while back.


Long Hammer :o)

Dada said...

Long Hammer: Thanks for stopping by. [Interesting name. (grin)]

Yes, I recall -- seems like only yesterday -- little lost Johnny saying something exactly like that.