Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quotes of the Day:

It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.
(Emilio Zapata.)

Wait, wait! Before we come to a definite conclusion, let us try crawling on our bellies first.
(2008 democratic controlled congress.)

(NOTE: OK, I confess...Dada is upset. He made up paragraph two.)


eProf2 said...

Like you, I don't get it: why are the Dem's hauling Bush's water on this bailout. The assholes who created this "crisis" should be the ones to bail Bush and his pals out. Why aren't the Dem's waiting until January or February to unveil their plans? Won't the Rep's up for re-election now be able to say "I'm a fiscal conservative and I want smaller government? It's the Dem's fault we're in this mess." And, if the Dem's go along with Bush now and their current plan fails, then what? Let Bush suffer in his legacy of war and greed! I'm with you, Dada, I'm pissed off big time tonight about what's happening in D.C. That's why I put the Beatles' Revolution on my blog today.

D.K. Raed said...

I thought that was a CHE quote!

Dada said...

D.K. - It really doesn't matter, does it. Obviously, it was said by someone with a little more Latin blood and spine than many of "our" democratic leaders in congress.

eprof: Listening to late night radio last night (why do I DO that?!) Mike Shedlock, an investment adviser, was absolutely livid over this bailout package (that's also when I heard of WAMU's collapse - not that it wasn't expected).

I was winding down nicely til he got me really fired up (just before "beddy-bye"...bad timing). Also, a caller was giving examples of how many shares Pelosi and other dems amenable to Bush's threat "or else" hold in these companies on the rescue-bailout-life preserver-taxpayer's *gift list*.


PTCruiser said...

The quote is most definitely attributed to General Emiliano Zapata. It's my favorite quote of all time.

meldonna said...

It's almost as if the Repugs can't deal with Bush leaving office without stealing every single penny possible. I wonder when the Chinese are going to call their loan...

At least now Grampa's finally agreed to show up tonight. I'm popping popcorn.

D.K. Raed said...

Well blow me over with that big feather fan, if that isn't MELDONNA herself! Where ya been, amiga?

Yup, the repugs looked out & saw we still had a few pennies in our pockets. Greed/Lust is a cruel taskmaster.

Dada said...

WB Mel! What a nice surprise it was to be reading here and she your two cents worth! (How's that for staying "on thread"?)

Seriously, your timing's impeccable. We need you now more than ever! Am looking forward to your (always most insightful) takes on our current reality!

D.K. - It's great to have her back, isn't it?

And to those of you who haven't met Mel, you might wanna drop by her blog and she what wisdom she's imparting.

p.s. Has it been two years since you left bloggerland? Huh? HUH?