Monday, September 29, 2008

"Thumbs down!"

Well, gee, I fell asleep a little after noon. When I awoke, I glanced at the iPod Touch next to me. I might have fallen back asleep had I not glimpsed a note folded over it by Mrs. Dada. "The bailout vote failed!" it read.

The morning had seen me entertaining thoughts of shutting down Dada's Dally until after the election, at least, so much better could time be spent in the uncertainty that awaits all of us by retreating into the security of our little nuclear family -- Mrs. Dada, me, and editor Sam. But here, suddenly, was the unexpected news congress didn't cave to Bush and Paulson's threats of the horrendous future all of us face if we didn't stick further $billions up the asses of the people who brought us to this point. My faith in my former party of choice was restored. "Yay, democrats!" I rejoiced aloud to myself.

But wait a minute, as I ventured into the story, I found myself uttering, "WTF?" It was the republicans responsible for halting the insanity, not the democrats. At least, faith in my decision to desert my old party remained intact. (I just heard Obama hoping the rescue, as in "rescue" = heroic effort vs. "bailout" which has a criminal-out-of-jail connotation, can still be ironed out.)

So this afternoon I spent listening to Rachel Maddow. Her resident economist was relating how Paulson, in promoting his $700+bil bailout had said, "This shouldn't be punitive," (against the banking/investing industries.) And Rachel's economist was saying, "Why the hell not? It damn sure oughta be punitive!"

And by some freak accident (thanks to the people I would least suspect of supporting 'the little people'), I awoke from a nap to find the pigs on Wall Street had been invited to share in the miseries of Main Street.

To quote from an e-mailer over on Market Oracle...

“You see I am the person you were talking about. I have lived in a 1200 square foot home for 31 years and I served in the military for 4. I drive a truck for a living, 31 years and still going. I live below my means and try to always watch what I spend money for. In the end these people and every single government figure will be held accountable. I wish to God I could put each one of them in the electric chair and just pull the level down for full power. I would personally laugh as each one of them…fried. You say damn this man is crazy; no I am not crazy I just believe in vengeance and fairness. I am sick and tired of a crooked government and a crooked system.”

Whoa, those are some strong words. I don't know if I'd be willing to go so far as "full power" (especially in light of the cost of energy today). But then I might forgo one of the greater joys of my life, seeing these assholes fry.

So what comes next I can't say. (This may speed the need for a terrorist action by the government, if only to prop up a sinking McCain candidacy but more than likely K-Street lobbyists will work overtime to get this bill passed with a few minor changes.)

But for now, it helps to know we might be in the company of the bastards who brought us to this point as the entire nation sinks into lower expectations -- thanks to them.


Border Explorer said...

Love this story of how you found out. I can just see Mrs. D lovingly placing that note on the iPod where you'd find it.

WTF, indeed!?! I had seen the headline when at the food pantry, came home and exclaimed it to Mr. B.E. and he explained to me, "It was the Republicans who defeated it."


What next in this soap opera that is disguised as current events? Hmmm, maybe someone should write a Trick or Treat post on this topic.

D.K. Raed said...

Dada you are hereby banned from ever napping again! Somehow during your sleep, you dreamed up this bizarro world we now find ourselves in & can't wake ourselves up!

Fran said...

Funny thing, the republicans are blaming Pelosi's speech for derailing the vote.

enigma4ever said...

isn't it odd we are all supposed to live lighter....and live at a lower level ( I personally have no lower to go thank you King George)...and the whole thing is what so the repugs were maneuvering trying to look like they do their jobs ( yeah right....)

on another and 6-6 are planning to come south next year he can go to Film School...

and hopefully we won't have to move before then...

I am sick of these criminials at the know that...great blogging over her...plenty of piss and vinegar to go round ;-)