Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times

While much of the nation is feeling nonplussed by recent events casting a pall of misery over most Americans, Dada would like to take a second to display his smugness. Why? Well, we know with the ever present threat of terrorism from overseas and economic terrorism from Wall Street and Washington, all of us must brace ourselves for the worst daily (as the government loves to constantly remind us).

But we in El Paso are feeling better and better. And we're feeling safer and safer. As the new wall grows longer on our Mexico border here each day, in an inverse relationship, our fears grows shorter. Week by week, month after month, more and more wall brings less and less chance of terrorists and other undocumenteds violating our borders, threatening our freedoms and taking our jobs in the lettuce fields of Salinas.

Add to that the further fortifying of El Paso and we shall ultimately have one of the safest, most militarized cities in the country. I'm referring, of course, to all the new growth being experienced at our very own little Fort Bliss, Texas. (And I don't expect our plans will be diverted no matter the outcome of November's presidential election.)

Here then are some of the benefits being reaped locally, thanks to the wonderful generosity of all American taxpayers.

Ft. Bliss, Texas:
  • 2005 population: 9,300 soldiers with 15,000 family members
  • 2012 population: 37,000 soldiers with 53,000 family members
  • $5 billion in construction on and around Ft. Bliss
  • by 2013, a total of $25 billion will have been injected into the local economy w/$6.3 billion annually after that
  • a new Army medical center will be built
  • a $54 million on-post mall with national chain stores constructed
  • 53,000 new jobs are being created
So, to everyone out there, Dada extends a big "Thank you!" for the new security against foreign terrorists and our own domestic economic terrorists.

If things get really bad for you in Ohio, California, east Texas, etc., you may want to consider moving here. I'm sure we can put you to work. And our winters are mild, if you don't mind the military convoy-created traffic jams on our highways and the frequent background din of distant artillery blooming.


Border Explorer said...

Thanks for the update from El Paso.

Fran said...

I was thinking about the border fence, & how the shit is hitting the fan here in Los Estados Unidos. I began to consider the fact MAYBE the fence is to actually keep US.... IN.
Think about it- Mexico has plentiful & affordable gas. Mexico has affordable health care & prescription medications. Mexican housing is more affordable.

If the economy tanks, more desperate Americans may be wanting to say Adios to the US?

Dada said...

b.e. You're welcome! Here, in El Paso, truly, "We Live In A Beautiful World"!

fran: WTG! How many times have I repeated the same thoughts to Mrs. Dada? Remarkable, and very perceptive. If we're to believe some of the things on the web, we have hundreds of prisons across the land that are lying empty, just waiting to be filled.

I couldn't agree with you more.

meldonna said...

Meanwhile, up here in Our Kan Saw, I've noticed that the energy companies are pulling back on investing in the fabled Fayetteville Shale, a large resource of natural gas...after they've spent the last couple of years I've been here touting how wonderful it is to have a gas well on your property. Glad to hear Project Taco Curtain is proceding unimpeded while we're paying $3.70 a gallon for unleaded. At least I'm not in Atlanta, and can still GET gas. Please, God, don't lock me in a country with George. Like his compound in South America isn't already well stocked.