Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dada On the Wall

Dada on the wall

Walls intrigue me, as previous efforts here at Dada's have attested. Eventually - and inevitably - every wall ever built fails. It's only a question of time. To save the wall now being built along the southern border of the U.S. from standing as testament to our government's further grandiose stupidity, there is going to be a "March for Peace and Unity Against the Wall" among local communities along the El Paso - Juarez border region at the end of this month, 27-31 August.

While we hate to see our government further embarrass itself historically in the construction of a project so wasteful of time, effort, and resources on the grandest of scale, it is the concern of peoples being sealed off from their cross border neighbors that ires us more.

This project is being shoved down our throats and communities are being divided, families torn apart. A majority of us living along the border are very opposed to this wall. Now our backs are up against it. Hence, the five days of expressed extreme displeasure of it planned for the end of this month.

March against the border wall (click to enlarge)


Wendy said...

Nice post Mr. Dada!

I remember Mrs. Dada saying she took your picture on the wall! I wonder how you were able to go on top of it! Did you get some special permission??!

About the topic, yes, it's very sad to see how walls can not only divide countries, but also families, as you mentioned above. I used to love my city here in Mexico, but just these past years have been so bad! Starting with the horrifying violence and just the pressure of US authorities that are implementing more "security" on the borders is just enough to make people want to move to other cities, or even countries! Lately the lines have been tremendously long! My sister had to even rent a department so that she could make it to school on time! I hope I run with better luck this semester...even though I don't have much to worry about since I will be walking to school…so I feel reluctantly lucky!! =))

D.K. Raed said...

At first glance, the wall in your photo looked like it had solar panels on top ... which gave me an idea of what to do with these walls already constructed should the March Against Walls be successful.

eProf2 said...

Best wishes for a peaceful and meaningful protest march. At first, I thought you were trying to jump the fence and become an undocumented either here or there, which ever way best suits your fancy. LOL!

DK, has a great idea. Put solar panels on the top of the fence (and share the electricity with each side). I'm afraid if our government thought of the solar panels they'd probably want to use it to light up the countryside and really disturb the habitat of a lot of species, not to mention the human species.

dada said...

Wendy: You remember half of it right - about the photo. Yes, Mrs. Dada did take it, but I was standing up on her mother's roof when she did. (I put myself 'on the wall' using Painter 6.

In this morning's paper comes news of 8 men shot down in a Juarez drug rehab facility last evening (to include the pastor leading the group). This is in addition to five other men who were slain just yesterday in separate murders in Juarez.

Mrs. Dada and I know a priest who does most of his work in Juarez, so this makes the horrifying news even more so. And then, of course, we are very, very concerned with all residents of Juarez. They are our sisters and brothers. Stay safe dear sister!

dada said...

Solar panels? with hundreds of miles of wall going up, imagine the electricity that could be generated. Of course, security of the solar panels would probably cost more than their benefit.