Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ah, another election year and the biennial turd blossom's blooming!

This is one of our Texas senators. His name is John Cornyn.
John Cornyn is up for reelection this fall.

This is Karl (aka "Turd Blossom") Rove. Slicker than a greased pig, anyone who's watched him operate the past eight years has learned crime pays. He is coming to town to help raise money for senator Cornyn's reelection campaign.

I know some reading this are as surprised as I am that criminals like Rove are allowed to walk freely among us in a nation, formerly of laws. Others, it doesn't faze, like those hosting Karl Rove in their El Paso home next Monday.

Many senators wouldn't be caught dead with any association with Karl Rove. But it doesn't bother our Texas senator Cornyn.

Try not to let it bother you either. It's the autumn of an even numbered year. Time for another election. And that's when turd blossoms bloom.


Border Explorer said...

Some Iowans attempted a citizen's arrest of Rove for his war crimes, complete with a big press release why he deserved it, when he was here last month.
Why would the Rethuglicans (thanks, enigma, for coining a good word) want him around as a fundraiser? People must want to pay to see him.

eProf2 said...

Dick Cheney is in San Diego today for a fund raiser for Rep. Calvert, an ally of Duke Cunningham. Big money doesn't care where it comes from just so long as it gets there, whether that be Rove or Cheney or any of the other crooks running loose. It's enough to make you sick when you think about how the government is now about money and nothing else.

D.K. Raed said...

Around our house, Cornyn is nicknamed cornhole. Goes well with Turd Blossom, don't you think? Yes, we are gross, but it helps us to deal with the shite.

enigma4ever said...

so the turd blossum only blooms in a EVEN year...well,well....2006 was an even year...and that did not work out sooooo well....

jus sayin'


[[BTW come read my top post- has some good news in it....promise}}}

enigma4ever said...

PT Cruiser is back ....Yahooooo....come learn more...

Fran said...

Cheney is out of his cave? Right! He comes out for fund raisers.

So will El Paso give Carl a befitting welcome?

Mariamariacuchita said...

Hi, Border Explorer suggested your blog, so here I am.

Amen to this, brother. Both Cronyn, as I call him and Rove have been in the Crappatician business for a long time, since before Cronyn was AG and Rove was swindling others in college. They are both part of the Bush inner circle, all from Texas.

But you probably knew that.

Border Explorer said...

As Maria (above me) indicates, I was talking about you today on my blog. Stop by--I sure wouldn't want to be talking behind your back!

dada said...

B.E. - While I wouldn't pay a dime to see Rove raise Cornyn money, I would pay to see him swing!

eprof: I totally agree re "It makes you sick..." and what really depresses me is these thugs (I almost said "apes," but why slander the animal kingdom with such a comparison?) can do this openly, in daylight, w/o fear of repercussions (or citizen arrests). Where are the citizens?

d.k. Gross? Yes, totally! (but thankful for your fine description of our 'good' senator, the one who closed down the local Tigua casino that Jack Abramoff helped them 'reopen' (NOT!) by bilking 'em out of even more lost monies!)

dada said...

enigma: Your news of PT Cruiser's return was some of the very best news indeed! Thank you for alerting me. I've really missed the guy, as I know you, eprof and others here have also. (Hey, that's a pretty cool sidebar he has there. It updates itself automatically, huh?)

fran: While we were at the High Desert in 'Cruces enjoying pints of delicious double hopped IPAs, there was supposed to be a local committee studying, then deciding, their options for Rove's next Monday's appearance.

I haven't heard what (if anything) was decided, but I have enjoyed imagining some of the things that may have been suggested (flippingly, of course) yesterday eve during that committee's mtg.

mariamaria: Thank you for stopping by. No, I didn't know that re Cronyn and 'TB' Rove. Originally from California, I think I sometimes lean on that to remain willfully ignorant of the background of these good ol' boys. (I've only been in Texas about 35 years!)

B.E. - OK, I will drop by Border Explorer's as soon as I leave here. BTW, today's blog re meeting with Steve of Grass Roots Press has rekindled, for me, the possibility of a rendezvous with he, the Dada's, Border Explorers and eprofs (and anyone else who may be in the area next winter-spring). Of course, it would have to be at the High Desert!

Steve's response to your, eprof's and my comments on his blog was to write the Obama campaign and inquire as to his apparent contradiction on walls. Whereas an old HS classmate who visited over the weekend said of Obama's wall speech he was speaking "symbolically" -- as in what I'm not sure -- like heated campaign rhetoric re his anti-NAFTA debate rhetoric later retracted in Canada?

So, my HS classmate gets an "F" in his reaction, whereas Steve gets an A. Well, A- for not telling us that himself. (grin) We'll all talk of that next winter at the High Desert over IPA's.