Friday, August 15, 2008

The games people play.

What follows isn't some sleazy vindictive exposure of a CIA agent, or agents, by a bunch of White House thugs as in the traitorous outing in the Valerie Plame case because her husband refused to tow the administration's phony intel lies that placed Plame and her contacts lives in jeopardy, sacrificed national intelligence operatives, took the country to war and killed thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraqis and the lives of thousands of innocent American soldiers.

No, yesterday, a list of over 35,000 spies for the United States was released from the national archives. Did you make the list containing the names of such notables as Julia Child, Sterling Hayden, and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.? If so, you're a real credit to your country. To have served your nation in the highest order of intrigue and espionage without being revealed is to your credit. Sadly, if your name was on that list, our regrets because odds are you're probably dead.

If your name wasn't on that list, then you probably weren't a spy. Or perhaps you are still a spy and your identity is yet being protected. And probably even more to your credit--and even far more exciting--if you didn't make the list but are a spy, it's a sign your arteries are still circulating blood to your brains!

But the worst of all possibilities remains, i.e., you're still pleasing the Bush/Cheney thugs, hence, your identity has not been released -- not yet. Continue to please or suffer the consequences!

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enigma4ever said...

or you are dead or about to be and your name will be released...but then if anyone read the list ...they will be have to be killed...

Julia Childs...???really ?so did anyone ever die at her dinner parties....jus saying...