Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Note of thanks

Described as "the cranky left" by Markos ("Daily Kos"), I'd just like to thank Rep. Dennis Kucinich for introducing 35 articles of impeachment into the congressional record against president Bush last evening.

Apparently, one of the last remaining elected government representatives who still believes if you break the laws of the land you should be at least tried and, if found guilty, removed from office, if not carted off to prison (or executed for treason), Kucinich may not make MSM headlines with his initiative, but he may make a little history.

History as a footnote of the vanished species of Americans who had the juevos to stand up in defense of the Constitution against war criminals and the do-nothing-reps who, in the words of house speaker Nancy Pelosi, won't prosecute the destruction of the U.S. by national traitors because "it would be too devisive"! WTF??

As we have seen, the appeasement of such felons in flag lapeled suits seems to be the modus operandi of the day, shoveling one or two hundred billions of dollars to these perpetrators whenever requested to continue their illegal folly.

And while as already mentioned by mainstream media,  Kucinich's initiative doesn't have a prayer in hell of getting anywhere in congress, it is worthy to note it will arrive there just slightly ahead of the rest of the fuckin' nation formerly known as the United States and former home of the "American Dream" (now turned American Nightmare, here, and globally).

Thank you, Representative Kucinich!


eProf2 said...

This development was not reported in either of my morning papers here. Good for Kucinich. I only wish he'd done it earlier.

Border Explorer said...

A man of integrity. Kucinich, that is...not the oughta-be impeached guy!!!

D.K. Raed said...

A giant among gnats! It was broadcast on C-Span last night, but we missed it. I'll check their schedule for re-broadcast. The man with the biggest 'nads in the house, including (especially) Pelosi.

Utah Savage said...

It was Wexler who sent me an email with a petition to sign for the impeachment of, first Cheney, then Bush. Signed sealed and delivered. This morning, first thing.
Thanks Wexler, thanks Kucinich!

dada said...

Utah: Yes, it was a year ago Kucinich introduced into the congressional record his impeachment charges against our Big Dick (April '07).

Thanks for endorsing Waxler's petition. Mrs. Dada called Kucinich and expressed her thanks for both of us this afternoon. (They loved our positive feedback, just as I'm sure Wexler did yours!)