Sunday, June 08, 2008

And then I had to spoil it all by saying something stupid like "I love you!"

Poster on door of the executive producer
of CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" show.

Perhaps the above poster is reason for my recent reticence. Perhaps not.

Opinions are like socks, everybody has some. One of my very strong ones found me compelled to watch the Belmont Stakes yesterday; to witness the exact opposite of what I hoped to see. But the result of that race only reinforced my opinion of horse racing as sport. Yesterday, the more intelligent species were the ones jockeying people around on their backs.

While I appreciate Big Brown's rider, Kent Desmoreaux, for pulling in his mount down the stretch, I was again astounded at the human capacity of Brown's trainer and owner to tell us how good their horse was feeling pre-race.

But I've been distracting myself with house painting the past few days. With temperatures now hovering around the century mark, if I've any hope of finishing this project in June (as I used to joke it would take until), it was time to get serious about it before it turns into July. I've found my usual blogging time - just before dawn - is the best time to be working on the east side of the house before the sun arrives. It's even better then later in the day when it is in the shadows but 100 degrees out!

With the wrap up of the presidential nominations this week, I've been enjoying various blog reactions. It's all being covered so well by so many.

So, no need for me to spoil it all by saying something stupid like, "I love you." Instead, I'll just keep my socks to myself (like I should have done about the Belmont Stakes above!).



D.K. Raed said...

Shoot Dada, if I had to THINK before I said anything, I'd probably never say anything. Good thing I don't mind being stupid, hmmmm ....

dada said...

DK - Gulp! No, no, that was not my intention here. (You've never written anything I've read that was 'stupid.')

This was more at, "Who needs my opinion on anything?" (There are plenty of good opinions being expressed across bloggerland without adding anything I have to say on recent events.)

(Plus, I didn't mention in this particular blog, but I have the distinct feeling [while I didn't like the movie all that much], we are - in fact - all living in "The Matrix.")

So I hope you weren't being sensitive at what I'd written here (altho, in rereading, I can see where one could take it that wa. Sorry, that's certainly not how I'd intended it.)

eProf2 said...

I'm thinking...I'm thinking! No words will come out of my mouth or out of the computer. LOL!

D.K. Raed said...

hahaha, Dada, no I didn't take it personally ... well, except to pause & reflect that maybe I should pause & reflect more before I spout off.

Regardless of how many opinions are being expressed in bloggerland, you know none will be EXACTLY the same as yours. So, c'mon, give us the Dada-Matrix. I'm sure it won't be, never could be, quite what we were expecting!

I just posted an RFK vid/quote from Meet the Press today that blew me away. It's the best I could do since I'm tied up trying to save my nephew's little dog from a pitbull (I think I'm winning the battle; more on that later).

dada said...

DK - First of all, there's really nothing new or creative in my "Matrix" that's bears revealing here.

It's just that this past week found me a little more pensive with remembering events from the spring of '68 and its assassinations, and the nice reminders of such that appeared in places like over at eprofs, enigmas and yours. (I also enjoyed rereading your "Sounds of Silence" this morning.

But this is a real screwy world and the "powers that be," be they conspiracists sending some secret government brainwashed operative like Sirhan Sirhan to take out someone they deemed COULD NOT BE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. (ala a "Manchurian Candidate" as some like to speculate), or someone acting on their own ala Mark David Chapman with a warm gun depriving us of all of John Lennon's latter years, it's events like these that manifest our reality.

And often it's a reality full of irony, like MLK who was martyred and is now recognized/honored for his tremendous social and civil rights activism with a holiday on his birthday. A man who was number one on the FBI's "most dangerous man in America" until he, too, was eliminated 40 years ago this spring.

No, nothing new or creative in my Matrix I'm afraid. Just a lot of pondering what might have been.

Border Explorer said...

Absolutely brilliant graphic, Dada. I need a copy of it for my daily contemplation. And perhaps a few extra to distribute to the occasional annoying people I bump into as I journey through life. Have your people contact my people.

Utah Savage said...

Are you talking about me? Are you talking to me? I turn and say this to people in the grocery story following me with their ear buds in yekity yaking on the phone loudly as they shop. Makes me wish I were Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver. "Are you talkin' to me!!!?

But yes, I have ranted with passion and not much thought in my blog and been called on it. So yes, you're talking about me.

dada said...

b.e. - Yes, it is a nice graphic, isn't it? I guess what I like most about it is its subtle point.

utah: Very funny. I don't know how many times I thought people were talking to me as I wondered why they didn't respond...until I suddenly realized they had half a million plastic encased transistors stuck up their aural canals. (especially when the technology was new.)

Alas, I've been conditioned by this new technology, i.e., I've turned off to everybody. No more outgoing (formerly smiling at everyone) Dada. No more eye contact. Nay, I simply pretend I'm studying what size canned olives I'm gonna buy I as lean in closer to eavesdrop on the bastards who are trashing up airspace with only 1/2 a conversation we are allowed to hear. Can't wait til they get little speakers on those damn things so we can hear the other half.

No, I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to myself. I don't talk to anyone anymore. Another wonderful advancement of technology, I suppose.