Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The crimes Bush is accused of:

Here then are the 35 articles for impeachment of Bush that took Dennis Kucinich nearly five hours to read into the congressional record. (They may be clicked to enlarge.)

There's nothing funny or "Dada" about this. This is deadly serious and details what's been going on during the Bush presidency as the nation and our congress (originally conceived as a check against abuse of power) slept or, in many cases, abetted the president!

The people have awoken but as we've discovered with the government we have, our representatives (particularly the senate) are always the last to acknowledge the will of the people.

Thank you again Dennis Kucinich for providing all Americans with a list of the alleged crimes of the executive branch that long ago forgot the oath it took on its first day of office.


eProf2 said...

Did you see the vote breakdown in the House today on the motion to commit? All Republicans voted for it to embarass the Democrats who all voted against it, even Dennis Kucinich. Oh well, we all knew nothing would come of this, but it's good that it's now in the official record for whatever purpose it might serve in the future. Shame on Pelosi for saying impeachment was off the table in early 2007.

dada said...

no, I haven't seen anything on it. (I did a quick [fruitless] search.) I don't understand this vote, but it seems perhaps it's all fun and freakin' games between these two parties.

I'd like to see someone read into the record a proposal they ALL be taken out back of the House and shot. I'm pretty damn sick of the whole mess.

Border Explorer said...

I'm ticked that nothing made the MSM about this incident. At all.

D.K. Raed said...

Thanks for putting these up! Now I can read them & fume at my leisure, knowing it won't go anywhere (so I have plenty of time).

On Keith, Jonathan Turley (the const law professor) said even if a few of the 35 points don't rise to the level of impeachment, there are some standouts that if we don't proceed with hearings (in other words, don't let it die in judiciary committee), we might as well lose the impeachment provision in the constitution. You know how much of justice is precedent ... well, if these criminals don't even get a congressional hearing, precedent is established for future presidents.

Yup, might as well excise the impeachment clause now & save us all the trouble of thinking we live under a constitution that means something. I can NEVER forget Henry Hyde (Mr youthful indescretion at age 50) leading all those repub congresspersons to troop up & proudly sign their names to impeach lying about a BJ. And Tom DeLay saying nothing good happens in a 2AM phone call (that's when records show Bill called Monica). And, and, etc, etc, until the country collectively barfed & my hair started falling out. But lying to send us into war, shitting on habeus corpus, destruction of civil rights, illegal wiretapping ... oh ho hum, biz as usual in DC ... don't look, nothing happening here! (and as if in confirmation of that attitude, my hair grew back, geeeeezus).

Fran said...

I consider Nancy Pelosi to have obstructed justice. this is one long damned list- and a whole lot more serious than a semen stain on a dress that put Impeachment proceedings in motion for Clinton.

I'm pissed off!

I want action.

I want a for the record yea or Nay votes on these you support them or not... this is OUR watch-- we HAVE to do this for historical purposes and to at least formally recognize what happened.

It is perfect election year fodder-- for sure! Where is the bite & spine of the majority of Dems running the House?????

Utah Savage said...

I posted on this too. I begged my readers to email Pelosi and Reed. I'm so sick of all the cowards we have representing us. How did we come to be so fearful and weak? Wexler sent me a petition to sign. I posted the link. When do we take to the streets. Why are the young so disengaged? When I was young I marched and protested damn near everything. What happened to us?

Why doesn't the press ask McCain when he plans to reinstate the Draft? It should be the first question every time he talks about Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan. How did we get such a gutless press?

dada said...

Utha, democratic leadership has sacrificed the underlying principles this nation was founded on to the fear that to stand up and DO WHAT THEY ARE OBLIGATED TO DO UNDER THE LAWS OF THE NATION will cost them f*ckin' votes in the fall.

My apologies for labeling these bastards "leaders" when they are nothing but a bunch of chicken shits (whoops, my apologies also to chickens and roosters everywhere).