Monday, March 31, 2008

Quote of the day:

"If you can be told
what you can see or read...
then it follows
that you can be told
what to say or think."

Sorry, I don't know to whom to attribute that quote to. It might have been Karl Rove. ~Dada
(Fortunately, many Americans don't have time to worry about what they can see, read, say or think.)


A Ball of Light said...

sorry dada... i think that Karl Roverectus would not have been able to enunciate anything quite that succinctly... My bet would be on the Boards of Canada, a scottish electronic music duo. It seems to be a chunk of lyrics from a track off their "Music Has the Right to Children" album titled "One Very Important Thought" apparently inspired by an adult film from 1982.

dada said...

No problem -- Thank you, a.b.o.l.!

I went and checked it out over on and "Bingo!", you're exactly right. So are you saying you think that's where Karl Rove heard it -- in the back of an adult movie theatre? (OK, so I got a "D" in logic)

A Ball of Light said...

I have a feeling that rove has spent many of his formative moments enmeshed in sleazy locales and activities... in the back of stunted-mentality pandering places is probably close to the mark... and given the number of sleazoids that have resigned (or not) from the republican political fantasy, he actually may have thought he was in his little basement trysting place instead of the somewhat more respectable environs where 'adult' films are shown. Your logic grade has been adjusted!

It took quite a while for me to track that quote down... when i first searched for it i found a number of references to the quote and to "We" - The Unauthorised Arundhati Roy, a long music documentary/video featuring her words, inspired by her speech "Come September"- the quote is at 1:00:15. What an amazing experience. Both watching that video and hearing that woman speak her truths. I watched another video of her giving the full Come September speech and read several of her other speeches... witnessing such power is an incredibly humbling experience.

dada said...

bol: Oh Jesus....I'm having a cosmic enlightenment moment watching your link:

First of all, it's cosmic in the sense watching the opening moments I am struck with synchronicity -- one of those inexplicable coincidences only the cosmos that throws those at us understands.

And then there's the Arundhati Roy factor, someone wom I admire tremendously but find her distractingly beautiful (perhaps because of what she's telling us), such that I often have to watch her twice to hear what she's trying to impart to me. (That's not hard to do.)

This is a synchronicity also because I was just yesterday watching her in a YouTube vid (set to music - I don't recall now what it was specifically), but I'm struck how where you've sent me, what it is, where I've been, and what I've seen (recently), is all part of the muse trying to jump start my brain into cognition that there's so much more.

But for the moment, I must pause and make note to watch the rest of this perhaps tomorrow as a lingering social engagement necessitates I take leave (of not my senses, my presence here).

I just had to thank you for the mystical moment! (Which also includes those great pyramid shots, another synchronicity I haven't time to explain at the moment.)