Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dada scoops El Paso County's democratic caucus with exclusive video of yesterday's proceedings!

NOTE: El Paso, it appears, is but another microcosmic example of the national democratic presidential candidate selection process with current polls showing despite whoever emerges the victorious candidate, either would lose in a national election against John McCain. (Dada'd be curious if Bush could run again, how badly Obama or Hillary would lose in that one for, as we all know, America always gets the president it deserves.)
Spring break wound down with an El Paso County democratic caucus yesterday. Perhaps you remember the March 4 Texas presidential primary? Erroneously called the Texas two-step because Texans got to vote twice, once during the day at the polls and again that night at precinct caucuses. Yesterday, local delegates from those earlier caucuses, in a huge March Madness pep rally like atmosphere, gathered again to decide the outcome of the March caucuses with another vote (the third for those still counting) to determine who they will send to Austin to vote yet again (a fourth time)!

Mrs. Dada was a delegate to the chaos, er, convention. Well, due to some problems with her precinct's credentials, she wasn't actually legitimized as a delegate until late in the day.

One of the anomalies Mrs. Dada noted in her precinct's turnout was Obama delegates who didn't show up had been suspiciously replaced with alternate delegates sporting Billary buttons!

Apparently the Clinton's were better organized to overturn the March 4th caucus results than the Obamaites.

Exclusive Dada video smuggled out of El Paso County's March 29th democratic caucus!

I managed to get a taped portion of the day long, into-the-evening, process smuggled out and am proud to be the first to post it here, a Dada exclusive! (NOTE: Any resemblance to any other historical event is strictly coincidental, yet testament to the theory "history repeats itself," I suppose.)


Final result of yesterday's chaos, or grass roots democracy: Obama ended up with 7 of the 127 delegates up for grabs. There were challenges to the delegate process as conducted by El Paso County's democratic Chairman that some fear place the county's entire delegate representation at risk at the state convention later in Austin.

"Because of what he did, El Paso may not get any delegates at the state convention,"
state Rep. Norma Chávez, D-El Paso (and Obama supporter) said.


Border Explorer said...

Today's entry of breaking news/video made me both belly-laugh and weep within the 2 minutes it took me to absorb the meaning.
As always, my thanks to the Dada family.

dada said...

You know, BE, calling Mrs. Dada several times during the dem's Saturday caucus down at the Pandemonium Center and hearing the racket in the background (which drown out Mrs. Dada in the foreground, often making communication impossible!), I became concerned for her enduring twelve hours of that (hearing loss!).

Always loud, often extremely contentious and sometimes just minutes from bloodshed, I couldn't help flashing to this scene from Lawrence of Arabia where -- with their own destiny in their grasp -- democratic tribalism reared its head, everything collapsed, as the English (aka John McCain) sat watching, rubbing his hands together and drooling in excited anticipation.

D.K. Raed said...

This is some crazy democracy we got ourselves here, Horhrance! I feel sorry for Mrs. Dada's ears. When will it end? Why don't the people's votes determine the nominee? Why all the need for go-betweens, in-betweens, and superdelifragilisticexpialidodos?

dada said...

I guess people's votes are just too scary for the powers to be to leave in the hands of.....ahm, THE PEOPLE!

Certainly, the more processes these votes must pass thru, the more hands that get their hands on the people's votes, the more dilute and corrupted the outcomes get. (which I suspect is precisely the desired result.)

Anonymous said...

As a fellow blogger(, I have to give credit where credit is due!

I am glad you were able to smuggle the video out of the convention (hilarious!), but I was not able to.

I was stopped by their armed guards and subjected to a body cavity search. They found my video stashed in my jail house wallet!

Great post and keep up the good work my friend!

dada said...


Thanks for dropping by and adding such kind words.

So, after visiting your lionstar for a bit this afternoon, can I you have a talk show on a local radio station by any chance?