Friday, March 28, 2008

Quick thinking and a sudden passenger jolting evasive maneuver by a British Airways pilot on landing approach to London's Heathrow Airport last month was thought to have averted a disastrous mid-air collision with an outbound Air France jet that had just taken off. The (former) pilot, whose identity was not revealed, was (erroneously) credited with preventing a catastrophe that could have killed hundreds of people aboard the two aircraft and many more on the ground.


azgoddess said...

turn off your lights at 8pm Saturday - here's the link

spread the word

D.K. Raed said...

I'm not sure I get this one, Dada. oh wait, is it that it wouldn't have been a catastrophe if hundreds of people had died? I'm lost.

Off Topic: why didn't you warn me that I would HATE "No Country for Old Men"? I remember you had talked about it in some previous comments. We watched it last night & gaaaackkkk .... I want my couple hours back! I hated the pyscho, but put up with it because the movie kept promising to go somewhere. I felt cheated in the end.

Also, when/if you get a moment, I think I may be a neanderthal. Stop by and see.

dada said...

I had pretty much the same reaction to the movie, D.K. until I likened the psychopath character to Bush and Cheney, which redeemed it for me.

As for the lights out last night, I'd intended to do that, more as a signal to observers in outer space to ponder, "Hey what's up on Earth tonight?" than a signal to humanity here on Earth that there's a problem. Sadly, I confess, the hour came and went and I didn't remember until reminded later on the 10 o'clock news.