Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring break '08

It's been a glorious spring break. Sadly, having passed it's mid-point, it's now in retreat. But that's the nature of things, isn't it? Expansion -- contraction, birth -- death, waxing and waning, growth and entropy. So as spring break '08 races to its destiny, i.e., to fade into the collective memories of history, let's hope American hegemony follows soon. An imploding Bush economy, a Cheney Iran war may expedite the process, but such possibilities are what make the future so exciting, aren't they?

In the meantime, here's a nice video which echoes the take of a "German in USA" friend living among us here, in Amerika. I wish my German more fluent, but you don't need it to enjoy this and appreciate our very successful Amerikan culture invasion over the face of the entire Earth.

Despite the tremendous embrace of our Quarter Pounders®, Coca Cola® and Lucky Strikes®, I can't help suspect many of those global consumers are going to experience a certain schadenfreude at our American future. Who could blame them?

Thanks "German in USA"! (You know who you are.)


D.K. Raed said...

This must mean you are over your cold, huh?

I'm not familiar with Rammstein (except in the army base sense), but they really captured it. Loved the phony moon set.

Among other things, I think we defintely need to apologize for inflicting wonderbras on the world.

We are like The Borg (resistance is futile).

dada said...

Let the resistance begin from within!
I am today working for 1.) the division of Texas into 4 separate states as provided for under its conditions for joining the United States and, 2.) secession of the state that includes west Texas, specifically, El Paso, once those four states are realized.

If we are to survive this insanity, this hubris of whacko extremists, it is imperative that, rather than consolidation on a global scale, we begin dissolution of the state on the homefront.

Viva the revolution!

D.K. Raed said...

wow, you MUST be feeling good, Dada!

Since many of the "wacko extremnists" live in TX, I assume they are will be confined to the other 3 parts (the 4th part being E.P.)?

dada said...

Yes, exactly. Truthfully d.k., I like your choice of word -- "confined." But I'm obviously just fantasizing here, aren't I? (Oh hell. A sure sign I'm regaining my grasp of reality? Damn!)