Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kucinich quits

Minutes ago, as Mrs. Dada had just finished preparing for dinner out and a lecture afterwards this evening, we received the news Representative Dennis Kucinich was dropping out of the race for his party's nominee as their presidential candidate.

"Oh, don't tell me that!" Mrs. Dada scolded. "I just finished putting on my eye make-up."

Strangely, I guess the news was that sad for her and it gave me some confusion. Worried about tears ruining her eyes for the evening ahead I, on the other hand, was rather excited by the news.

See, for weeks and weeks now, months--maybe a year or more actually--I've been suffering this overwhelming sense of over choice. There were just too many democratic candidates in the field to choose from. Oh, I got a little excited for the republicans earlier this week with the announcement Fred Thompson was dropping out of their presidential candidate race. How jubilant that must have made all republicans, save for Thompson fans, of course - their choices being even richer than the democrat's.

I had experienced that elation with similar announcements from Biden, Dodd, Richardson and that strange guy from Alaska who kinda just disappeared off the radar screen of possibilities earlier.

But despite the early drop-outs, there were still just too, too many choices. We all know in this process, more will fall. But I had no idea it would be Kucinich who would be next. I wondered if it might not be Hillary. Or Obama.

So hang in there, deciding's only going to get easier in the coming weeks and for that I'm thankful.

I dropped by the Kucinich website to console him with an e-mail of thanks. Thanks because I was quick witted enough to get Mrs. Dada excited about the remaining democrats so as to save her mascara. But while on his website, I did express regrets that, despite his best efforts, Kucinich's message just wasn't getting out there.

That's pretty remarkable in that we probably, here, in this country, have one of the best communication systems in the world. Sure we rank 39th among nations in global environmental compliance and our health care ranks 37th , but our communications have to rank pretty much higher, I'm sure. Yet, most Americans didn't know flip about what Kucinich stood for because the bastard seldom appeared in the debates. I can only fault Kucinich's campaign organization I guess.

At any rate, this is sad, because I think if Kucinich could have gotten his radical message out there, most Americans would have discovered they are extremists in that they want much of what he advocated for: universal health care system, immediate withdrawal from Iraq, salvation of Social Security, regulation of the unregulated now nose diving the nation's economy into the ground by enriching themselves and destroying middle class , etc. Things like that.

So while I was a little disappointed Kucinich was the next to bite the dust, I'm pretty excited our choices are now down to three. It's a now a decision between race, sex, or hair.

While I was a little confounded Kucinich didn't endorse one of his opponents still in the race, I concluded maybe that's probably because none of them is really a democrat. (At least, not in the fold of some of the democrats I grew up with.)

It may be that Kucinich wasn't "republican-lite" enough like the remaining democratic candidates. But at least, for the media, Hillary, Obama, and Edwards are. Those like NBC, Fox, the rest of the "liberal media" and, oh, the Nevada Supreme Court, etc.

At least we can be thankful that the choice for we on the liberal left just got 25% easier with Kucinich's decision today. So let's all get excited and argue who, among these remaining three -- the best our democracy has to offer -- is going to save the nation!

Whoopee! This is getting so exciting!!


D.K. Raed said...

I feel bad about Kucinich. His campaign was never taken seriously & I don't know why. Is it really because of his short stature? Are we really that shallow?

You probably already know who will be kuciniched next, who has already been kuciniched by the press for months & who was closest to him on the issues.

So then, there will be 2 (one of which I like very much while the other is jangling my nerves). and of course, there is The Big Dog throwing his chops around, leaving a trail of slobber wherever he surrogates ... and here I always thought dogs couldn't lie!

Fran said...

I'm confused-- I thought the choices were between diamonds & pearls? Or was it pearls & swine?? I just can't keep up.

But truth be known, Kucinich was the candidate that most aligned with my leanings. The damned media shut him out-- so strongly, they were willing to go to a State Supreme courrt level to fight for their right to shut him out.

This "system" is so broken, I don't even know if all the original parts remain to BEGIN to fix it?

I remember having a conversation with friends, who said he makes the most sense, therefore he can't win. Mainstream America is caught up in profiles & who looks presidential, not substance & common sense.

A bad day for democracy.

dada said...

Yes, this is a sad day.

But I have to correct something I said in this post, written in haste after this news, and that was saying as I did our "liberal left" choice just got 25% easier today with the departure of Kucinich. That was wrong. It got a 100% easier. That's because there is no liberal left choice.

A bad day for democracy indeed! An even worse day for the nation and its future.

eljoven said...

>"Oh, don't tell me that!" Mrs. Dada scolded. "I just finished putting on my eye make-up."<
Well, Dada, I have felt the same way, sans eye make-up, of course. I re-registered as a Dem (from Green)this year due to the Kucinich candidacy ( and his so-Cal connection) but now I guess I'll default to Obama. Notwithstanding my compatriotas in Nevada, I am one Golden State Mex who does in fact know who Barack is and how to pronounce his name. If Hill/Bill, i.e., Bill/Hill get the nomination I guess
it'll be easy to be Green again. And since Super Tuesday, including my Left Coast state, may not be decisive, the "decider" (sorry) may turn out to be your Lone Star state. Check out my take on your poignant schadenfreude in another "forum."

D.K. Raed said...

Oh my, I'm afraid eljoven is correct & this fight may drag on into Texas. Get ready, Mr/Mrs Dada!

When you get tired of it, stop by & see my adolescent kung-fu pix, guaranteed to take your mind off politics!

enigma4ever said...

oh is indeed sad news...I will miss him and his feisty messege...But it is true...he is too progressive for most of the uptight not quite bleeding heart liberals that want to appear progressive but are easily seduced by Hillary in her Prada Pantsuits ....and pearls...(Now Fran asked about the pearls, is it pearls before swine ? okay now I am confused....) So please do tell Mrs Dada that we too are sad...but up here in Ohio we are also selfish....because we don't want to lost him representing Ohio....and truth be told there are some little Upstarts here that are running for his position ( a pox be upon their traitorous houses...).and So he must now fight for his Seat here in how own backyard...and it irks me because they have annoying ads on TV saying Dennis neglected the People, that could not be further from the truth- he is the only one that has a real grasp on HOW awful this motherfuckingbloodsucking war has been for I am sad that we won't be able to hear him...even though the Media did a pretty good job making sure we did not hear him anyways....


I hope and pray that we have a Chance to get Change....I can not stand the thought of more of this Dynasty Crap...we Need REAL Change....

Nona said...

Kucinich is still on our ballots here in California, so even though he dropped out of the race, we can still vote for him. We can still send a message.