Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Editor Sam went walking today. The trails were totally deserted.
Asking why, I explained to Sam it was the beginning of the Christmas
weekend and folks were either last minute shopping, expecting out of town
company, or getting out of town to be with family elsewhere. Sam then asked,
"What's Christmas?" I told him, "Wait til Tuesday, you'll find out."



Cartledge said...

A timely post Dada. Happy Christmas and look forward to a fulfilling future as the pendulum swings back. Thanks for some thoughtful and amusing posts.

D.K. Raed said...

Merry Christmas to the Dada family! Young Sam has quite an experience to look forward to. He'll be so excited, getting caught up in all that unwrapping hubbub. Oh and the toasting, plenty of toasting, right? No tinsel-eating, Sam, oh wait, is that the traditional christmas spaghetti? Good Boy!

and to all a good night!

dada said...

Happy Christmas to you too, cart'. Can't wait for the pendulum to start swinging back this way? (How the long are these swings anyway? Is it just me or are they getting longer and longer?)

Truth be known (I didn't mention the real reason we were walking in the foothills yesterday), I was scouting out shelter possibilities for after our economic collapse.

So while Sam was posing for a picture he thought he was the subject of, I was really interested in the frame behind him that, with some cardboard and tar paper might serve as shelter for those losing their homes in the New Year.

Standing beneath this particular one, I tried to imagine how many it could accommodate. It could sleep 3 uncomfortably, 9 if they slumber upright.

Whichever, the New Year's going to be very interesting.

D.K., Aye lass! A last good Christmas for Sam? Yes, hopefully. (Next year this time, he may be the one putting food on our "table"...wild hare, lizards and small rodents.) Merry Xmas to you and yours too!

Cartledge said...

How the long are these swings anyway?
About 30 years give or take. The conservative swing began around ’79 in Britain and soon after in the US. I am working on a post-Christmas post with some good evidence of this swing back to social equity. It is a great start to a new year.
I doubt China will allow a US economic crash; the losses for them would be too great. A bit of stagflation perhaps and the good old credit squeeze, I expect. You might notice that when conservatives get dumped the other side are left to clean up the economic mess.

enigma4ever said...

Oh Sam looks so handsome...I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas...I bet Sam is getting lots of treats in his stocking....

hugs and treats to all....

Fran said...

Hey it's nice to have the trail all to yourselves... let the crazy shoppers have the malls, you've got breathing room & a slice of sanity.

Not to mention a happy editor.

My dog Lakota came to associate Christmas with TURKEY. He would ever so politely, but with that dogged laser stare tell me I know you are cooking turkey & I wants scraps. I swear maybe he was practicing some kind of hypnosis.
He'd always get scraps on times we cooked turkey's, but sometimes the laser stare would get to me.

I hope Sam & his pet humans have a lovely Xmas
(in an athiest kind of way.)

dada said... 30 years is it, Cart? No wonder I wasn't aware the pendulum swung, having only experienced one or two of 'em in me life! (What's the old saw about being too close to see, or something?) Thanks for the enlightenment. ~Da (waiting for, ah, er, 2010?)

dada said...

To all you wonderful animal lovers here, it's nice to know your lives have been touched by these incredible friends/companions.

Sam is a mess with anything coming into the house these days. Every bag, package coming into the place warrants inspection (with gleeful anticipation). Proof of this is a new behavior he has now gained since Thanksgiving (during which, BTW, he experienced his first turkey and loved it!), a package placed on the table is now subject to a "Sam scan" when he places his front paws up on the table and checks it out!

I guess it's about time to set out the presents. Well, maybe just one of his to see how he handles it.

Our first dalmation, Susan, was incredibly bright and extremely patient. She would snoop under the tree but never harm a package....until the morning we gave her the "go ahead" and off would come all the pretty wrappings.

We're sure Sam's gonna have fun (he already IS!)

And thanks Fran for the "in an atheist kinda way" wish. Actually, I'm more in between belief and disbelief; in a state of suspended faith with no way out, save the finality of our Earthly existence we ultimately all experience.

D.K. Raed said...

hey dada, what happened to your crucified santa pic? I was gonna leave a TRUE story about how that REALLY happened in a dept store in japan. now I'm starting to wonder if I actually saw it here. aaah well, perhaps your editor decided to yank it in order not to piss off santa & thereby lose his much anticipated presents. our dogs don't care about pissing OFF santa; their goal is to piss ON every plastic blow-up santa lawn decoration they pass on our walks. reindeer scare them, though, especially the lighted ones that turn their heads.

dada said...

D.K. You actually did see a crucified Santa here. It was up but an hour or two until Sam (who keeps me in touch with my inner-child) convinced me it might give little kids feelings of red terror alerts, i.e., "Santa may be dead!"

I conceded the point to Sam (about 14 in dog years), took down the pic and then we went for a walk in the desert.

This is sad because, as we've now learned, we may never know what happened in a Japanese dept. store?

D.K. Raed said...

Re: the crucified santa (don't tell Sam, but I'm glad to know I didn't just imagine it, which is quite a frightful thought in itself) ... the condensed version is that a Dept Store in Japan decided to change their biz model & more aggressively seek American Tourist Trade. They had their grand opening around Xmas. Visitors were greeted by the usual politely bowing clerks who proudly led them into a stunningly decorated lobby, the centerpiece of which was Santa Hanging from a Wooden Cross! ... (this was a news item from some yrs ago, I'm sure by now the store has figured out we only want to see our prez candidates faces plastered on jeezus's tortured body)

ps, I left you an analysis of Torchy's fate at my place ... but it is yet another story you may want to keep from Sam who, as a dalmation, might get bad ideas about pyromania.