Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's 3:00 a.m., October 5th



enigma4ever said...

well....I hope that is not parked out back...funny I thought of you today...
and this picture reminded me again- the Great Oil Tanker- Condesleeza had some trouble today- flew for a little Surprise Visit to Iraq....plane delayed "avoiding fire-fighting" the Ticker said- my son turned to me and said ever so dry- "huh,,,note they didn't say Enemy fire...wonder if it was friendly fire.."

Nona said...

I hope it isn't planning a blockade on Iran.

Please tell me it isn't.

dada said...

You know, I sometimes suspect that almost nothing, NOTHING, happens out of chance in this universe.

When I went in search of this image of the Eisenhower this morning, I had my choice of several, but not so imposing, so ominous as this one. (I had to "Painter" out the French Greenpeacers demonstrating in their little dingies in front of this monstrosity. So I spent some minutes in front of this photo. This afternoon, Mrs. has the movie "Clear and Present Danger" on the TV and suddenly I found myself sinking into a chair as this very large, zoomed in image of a US A/C carrier in this very same pose appears. I was really struck by the "coincidence."

Yes, enigma, I'd heard something about the Chevron Oil Tanker's "surprise" visit to Iraq. Sadly, I don't think even if they all live to be 85 years old, they'll ever be able to fly into Iraq ANNOUNCED! Sneaking around, always sneaking around. I guess it's their fate.

Oh, and Nona, you know how these things go. Strong rumors, that's all. But it's my hope that the more we make it public, a public expectation, the less inclined they'll be to carry it out with the element of "surprise" gone out of it.

Now we must also focus on No.Korea and how we won't tolerate them joining us in the "gone nuclear" club. Tough talk from DC's neocon's paper tigers.

azgoddess said...

thanks da da - exactly what i've been saying all day long -- this damn smoke screen that people just keep buying into (repub pediphile)..

baby bush does it every damn time..well, ever since we started screaming about not wanting to fight wars....