Thursday, October 05, 2006

Is there a "bunker" in the word "Kennebunkport"?

(NOTE: Early this morning I had a bad dream. Before it ended I awakened, relieved it was just a dream. But as I lie there on the bridge midway between consciousness and dream worlds, I found myself questioning which end of the bridge I wanted to exit. And honestly, I couldn't decide. It went something like this.)

September had been a bad month for the president. It had started off well with administration official's exemption from war crime violations and the abandonment of habeus corpus for Americans.

But Afghanistan was reverting to a Taliban state and Iraq was a total loss. Despite the increasing number of US military deaths in Iraq, the president reminded us all again and again in his speeches how we were really winning.

Then came October and things got worse.There was the Woodward book revealing NSA head Rice ignored George Tenet's July, 200l dire warnings of an imminent terrorist attack on US soil. First denying, then admitting the meeting did take place, Rice could not remember details, no matter how hard she tried. Failing memory it appeared, in the face of heated questioning, is always the first affliction criminals suffer.

Americans also learned 83 year old Henry Kissinger, heralded statesman, Vietnam war architect and international mass murderer, is advising co-president Cheney on our middle east wars.

In the waning minutes of congress, a 700 mile border fence bill was signed to win votes of those who would seal the border. But no actual money was allocated for the project, once again illustrating Washington's penchant for "fluff," not "stuff."

Many officials were left to admit publicly it was a fence that would never be built, leaving Texas senator John Cornyn to call it an "important symbolic gesture to show that congress is serious about protecting the border." Maybe what he really meant was a bill was passed to win your vote. What else could explain unfunded "symbolic gestures" a month before congressional elections?

And then there was the messy Mark Foley resignation just as congress was adjourning. As the media revealed, we learned Foley's downfall had been brought on by sexual abuse in his youth, or his "alcoholism," or the fact he was really a democrat according to FOX News, or flirtatious underage congressional aides who simply found the Florida representative irrestible according to conservative radio talk show hosts.

And there was the cover-ups by higher ups. Things were falling apart fast.

In anticipation of just such possibilities, the naval battle group led by the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower had been dispatched to the Persian Gulf the first weekend of October. It's mission? To arrive in the Gulf by the third week of the month and provoke a war with Iran. Winning wasn't a problem. The US had demonstrated the reinvigorated military under the Bush regime was capable of losing not just one war, but two wars simultaneously! A third ongoing thrashing wouldn't matter. It would raise American's fear factor several fold, scaring the shit outta voters just before the election. The timing couldn't be better. Nor more crucial.

The late October surprise should be sufficient to carry the most critical election since Bush "took" office, officials thought. At risk of losing control of congress, the neocons knew they were also in peril of losing their asses if they did.

But with everything in place to retain the status quo of the past six years, something went terribly wrong. The phony planned torpedo attack against an American cruiser in the Gulf of Persia by the Iranians didn't happen. The retaliatory assault by American tomohawk missiles and USS Eisenhower attack aircraft didn't either. Seems the American naval admiralty was being difficult. It had ordered a stand down!

Despite angry top-secret haggling between the White House and Defense Department with it's Middle East naval fleet to attack Iraq, nothing happened. The White House angrily demanded the US Navy blow up Teheran. Still the navy refused.

November 7th's election day arrived without its October surprise. The turnout by hordes of angry Americans was overwhelming. Yet it was not enough to overwhelm the stealthily rigged voting machines. Republicans retained control of both houses of congress. Or so it was claimed by a media blinded to the huge number discrepancies between human voters and machine counted votes.

Sporadic uprisings by angry citizens followed. Bush, who had gone to his family compound in Kennebunkport to watch the election returns, found himself and his family under seige by angry mobs.

After several hours of anxiously awaiting news that the 3rd Infantry Unit, that elite combat fighting corps of the Maine National Guard, might be able to rescue president Bush, his family and the other occupants from their Kennebunkport bunker, Bush received word Maine guardsmen had decided to emulate the president's own national guard service. They had laid down their weapons and deserted!

Suddenly I jolted myself to consciousness to avoid what might happen next. Whew! It had all been just a bad dream!


Anonymous said...

Wow Dada!

From your lips to God's
ears! If only everything
happens as you dream I won't
ask for anything else
for Xmas.


enigma4ever said...

wow....the Oracle has spoken...
and after 6 years of Hell...
and begging the Gods for the Delivery of a Blowjob to this godforsaken-criminal-warhumping-oilsucking -murderous administration....well, I think we may indeed have one....sitting on the horizon ( or Uncle Denny's Belly- whatever the hell that ridge is...)

The Point is that Warships are not going to be able to stop the Nuclear Attack of a Sex Scandel that is about to be unleashed on DC...
and please oh plez Santa let there be PHOTOS of this fucktards...( not that I want to see them....puke-gag-mylanta IV plez)

But please oh ples let the Sinking of the Bushco Regime be filled with CSI moments the rest of the month....daily gifts...
as of tonight - ABC has MORE Pages coming foreward= FOUR more...and AP has reports as well...

cause if it doesn't happen soon I was going to start a campaign asking Canada to Invade....and save this Country....

dada said...

Oh Dena, thank you for the most, most kind words. You know? I think this dream was the result of reading the last days of Hitler's Goebbels, after Hitler had "offed" himself, of Goebbels waiting in a bunker in the direct path of the oncoming Russians; of some last ditch hope that somehow a last second German resurgence would save Goebbels, his wife, his family. It didn't. And so, they "deleted" themselves from history, along with his innocent children.

I often wonder, had I not awoken, this might have been how the rest of my dream unfolded--save for one final factoid--after all were sacrificed, Bush could not bring himself to do the honorable thing, opting instead to "chicken out" and live on.

dada said...

enigma: Canada from the north. Mexico from the south. And where they meet, somewhere outside wichita, we'll reward 'em by divying up Kansas twixt 'em as their reward. And then, even though it's only January 9th, we'll all celebrate the new July 1st, 4th, and 16th de Septiembre!

Viva la revoluccion!

D.K. Raed said...

hey, it's just me, D.K., who has decided it's time to become an "other" ... recent lightning storms on our camping trip striking a little too close for my anonymal comfort.

Dada, perhaps you have dreamed us a change of consciousness, just like Prospero. Love the "stand down" order of non-compliance! To paraphrase the Bard: the party now is ended, these bad actors are all spirits melted into air, into thin air; we are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

May your sleeping dreams provide the necessary clues to rid ourselves of these bad actors. ~~ D.K.

meldonna said...

Good on you, my man...if only my own dreams were so pleasant, I'd be getting more sleep!

And what you just described is a bloodless peoples' coup. Similar to the old hippy dream about "what if they threw a war and nobody showed up?"

I just put up a post myself on BCS that I feel is so depressing I got to get another one up toot sweet in a comedy mode just for my own sanity...thanks for at least putting the smile back on my face I did need so badly.

No matter what happens in November, if we lose that smile, that hope, that vision...

Well, I'm not completing that thought, because I'm not going down that road. Like Mama says, no matter what, you just got to keep going on. Thank god I got folks like you in my circle to share the spirit, and smiles, with!

p.s. On that note, and change of subject, maybe the pata de Onate could be severed remotely by repeated use of elephant shot, and borne away by One Billion Butterflies. I have heard tales of stranger things...albeit on a smaller scale.

D.K. Raed said...

haha, mel's ps: isn't that how napolean's men blew off the sphinx's nose? or is that just a myth? i'm just thinking that was DEFINITELY a French-led French-filled battalion, so perhaps ancestral Dada blood could be similarly inspired? c'mon, you know you want to. ~~ D.K.

dada said...

Ah, those nasty butterflies. Aren't they the ones who ate Onofre Martinez's arm?