Friday, May 12, 2006

Leçon Française D'aujourd'hui (Today's French Lesson)


"La plus ca change,"...
("The more things change,")

example: Bush's ever sinking approval the latest Harris poll, now at 29%! (Wasn't there an old Chubby Checker song, "Limbo Rock", with the lyric, "How LOW can you go?")


"la plus c'est la meme chose''.
("the more they remain the same")

example: Doesn't matter how much it changes, we're still going to bomb Iran! (As Bush likes to tell us, he has to ignore public opinion and do what he knows is right for America.)


Anonymous said...

And he MUST do it (bomb iran) before we vote for the mid-terms in November because he KNOWS it's right for Americans to once again be scared into returning all his repubs to congress. Oh, he just knows KNOWS soooo much, that murderous criminal. But as you pointed out in a previous comment, he can't communicate worth a damn unless it's parroting a tightly worded script. Why, just yesterday he assured us all he would NOT be using his massive eavesdropping results against "innocent" americans! Whew, do I feel better now. Go ahead & listen in while my dad & I commiserate about the bush-gang trying to get seniors to assign their Medicare Part B (B as is bull) over to his Rx drug fiasco. What part of "we're not buying it" doesn't he understand? But only a non-innocent american would even question that BS program. Sheesh, so just like in the old Soviet union or a bad scene out of the Sopranos, we'll now only be able express dissenting views in person while walking in a park & playing loud music.

Dada, in pointing out Bush's plummeting poll numbers not affecting his plans, you've triggered an avalanche of fear that you're right, the numbers mean nothing to him because he cares nothing for the numbers of americans who would disapprove of him. We, the people, mean NOTHING! That must be the part of our constitution he thinks was "wrongly decided" by our founding fathers & needs correcting, huh? D.K.

Anonymous said...

dada, if this comment shows up twice, please delete one. I must have gotten so worked up, I over-zealously smacked "publish" too hard! D.K.

dada said...

Re Bush, DK said: "he cares nothing for the numbers of americans who would disapprove of him."

Honestly, DK, I don't know much about democracy. In that Bush seems to be sowing the Middle East with the seeds of democracy, maybe he knows more about it. Maybe there are times when you must ignore the vox populi to accomplish what needs to be done. And if Bush has to ignore the voices of America to make the middle east free and democratic, he must feel pretty certain he knows what he's doing. After all, to take the reigns of leadership of the nation, he had to overthrow not one, but two elections.

Sure he's suffering in the polls now, but maybe history will venerate him when they realize what he truly was: America's first demi-god president!

Anonymous said...

Humphhh ... DEMON-GOAD is more like it. He's only dismantling 60+ yrs of concerted US effort to keep the nuclear demon from annihilating us all in a white-hot blaze. You read "Divine Strake" has been postponed to June 23? Yes, it was reluctantly revealed that the nearest radioactive contaminated soil is only 1.1 miles from the blast site. Remember the reassurances "it's miles away" (well, 1.1 is over 1 mile) and the implication of "between 3 to 5 miles away"? Took a court order to squeeze out the fed assessment is "lacking in a lot of data". But good news --- the Defense Dept still says the blast will have "no significant impact" to the human environment! Pardon me if I don't bend over backwards thanking them. D.K.