Thursday, May 11, 2006

The 2006 International Auto Show's DC Debut

Well, I don't know if it's possible to know exactly when the US officially becomes (or became) a fully functioning fascist state.

Ah fascism, that ugly connotation that Richard Perle loves to warn us to "Be careful how you use that word!" with much ominousity. But assigning a particular time and date as to its exact beginning, like 8:37 a.m. September 12, 2001, is probably too subjective to nail with precision. (Much like when the civil war in Iraq begins--or began.) Opinions will differ, mostly because many folks wouldn't recognize fascism if it pried them outta their beds at 2 in the morning and vanished 'em forever to some gulag in Middle Moldova.

I try to imagine how it must have been in Germany in the 30's with the rise to power of the Nazis. Of the wonderful authoritarian state model they were quietly putting together out back in the garage. How, after its construction and repeated fine tuning, the urge must have reached a point where it was no longer containable, sitting there in the garage, engine purring, revving, then slowing to an idle again. There must have come the moment when the consolidation of power within its finely tuned carbs, pistons, manifolds, whatever, demanded that baby be taken out on the highway and opened up, full throttle, for all to see.

That's kinda the point at which I'm sensing we are. Oh, we've been building this baby for many, many years. We've been sneakin' it out at night for short drives in the neighborhood like Central and South America. And glimpses of our hotrod have been caught in Southeast Asia, eastern Europe, the Caribbean, parts of the Middle East.

But before the news of the largest database ever compiled on Earth consisting of every phone call every American makes, its date, time, length, to whom, etc., you'd better have that secret hotrod in the garage out back well tuned and purring like a kitten. Because rumors America is hiding their fascist machine continue to surface.

Like the latest news of the government abruptly ending its investigation of itself regarding warrantless eavesdropping. See, the National Security Agency has stopped the Justice Department from investigating the NSA any further. Reason? Justice doesn't have the necessary security clearance! But that's no reason for concern as our president George "it'd be easier if I was a dictator" Bush assures us.

So while it appears a strange inter-governmental loggerhead is at hand, it's just illusion. Remember, the Justice Department and the NSA are both presidentially appointed. What appears to be an impassable logjam, is actually just another clue that the fascist state is performing precisely as planned. It's just all good theatre!

It's only a matter of time before we in America get it. Get what the rest of the world's been catching terrifying and awe-ful glimpses of--the ultimate American fascist racing machine!

And so it must have been in Germany in the thirties. The Nazis finally reached a point where it was easier to reveal its secret creation than conceal it. Others had caught sight of it. Time to roll out into broad daylight for all Germans to see, the wonderful authoritarian state model they had been carefully crafting for years in the garage out back.

There came the point where Hitler himself must have shouted with excitement, "Lassen Sie uns dieses Baby für eine Kreuzfahrt nehmen!" (Okay, so my German's suspect.) But then the garage door must have slowly opened and out into the light of day it came, purring. Hitler's creation openly revealed publicly for the first time. Surprised Germans, the last ones to know, watched as their Fuhrer climbed behind the wheel. Pulling goggles over his eyes, he slowly throttled up steering out onto the highway and with right arm extended over the windshield, a hearty "Heil Hitler!" was heard to resound as he sped off in the direction of Poland.


Anonymous said...

Also, don't forget how the nazis took great care to do all their evilness legally. How they enacted exact laws in order to apply a thin veneer of legality over all their atrocities. This may be what bush is attempting to do with his "signing statements". Future analysis may very well prove we surpassed german fascism all to hell. And you just know the fascist machine you refer to must have been built by Diebold!

BTW, I'll have to get my husband to translate your german phrase. All I can come up with is something like taking this baby out for a spin? Guess I'm german-impaired. D.K.

dada said...

Ah, yes, those wonderful signing statements. And those wonderful Bush reassurances of everything he's doing is perfectly legal (because of those signing statements exempting him from the law he just signed into effect for everyone else 'cept him).

And you know, he must be pretty convincing. I watched him. And know what? He sounded like he knew what he was talking about when he said he values we citizen's privacy. Congress must have believed him too, because they're only now beginning to get suspicious Bush is poco a poco insincere.

But reading from a script, Bush sounds quasi-believeable. It's the scripts! When reading from those he just has sooo much more charisma that when you juxtapose his appearance of the night before in Fla. trying to desperately convince a bunch of seniors to sign up for the medicare prescription bill before next Monday's deadline. Sans script, it was obvious he was in way over his head. The seniors knew far more than he.

Came his pronouncement "This is Medicare, part D. That means there's a part A, B, and C!" revelation.

"I understand it's confusing. But if you can't understand it, have your son or daughter explain it to you." (I put that one in for DK and ourselves who don't have such amenities to fall back on.)

It was a embarrassing period of stuttering, mumbling and fumbling only proving, that Bush should never attempt Q&A sessions publicly or better, never open his freakin' mouth unless he's reading what he's supposed to say from a script.

Thankfully, of course, the rest of America doesn't have to suffer thru such embarrassments with him because the media "protects US" (?) from most of these clips, lest we begin to suspect Bush be just a talking head for some very above-the-curtain, backstage, behind the scene evil puppet masters.