Friday, May 12, 2006

Verizon Customer disService

Don't hang up (No No)
Oh don't you do it now, don't hang up (No No)
Don't hang up like you always do
I know you think our love is true
I'll explain the facts to you, don't hang up

Orlons, 1962

Was listening to Rhandi Rhodes on Air America radio this afternoon when an upset caller phoned in from Portland, OR. As this woman told it, after reading in her local paper this morning about Verizon turning over her phone records to the National Security Agency, she was so upset she called Verizon to see how long she had remaining on her phone contract.

The Verizon customer service person wanted to know why. When the customer expressed her dissatisfaction with the NSA being privy to her phone privacy, the customer service lady told her that it was her right to complain. But the customer explained she wanted to know how much longer she had with Verizon until she could change phone service.

The Verizon customer service lady said, "Well, if you want airplanes flying into your workplace, that's your business." Astonished with that response, the customer hung up.

After collecting her cool she thought she would try Verizon again. She called back. This time she got a man and as the customer was explaining her previous call and how snippy the other customer representative had been with her, this Verizon customer rep hung up on her!
From this experience, I think we're going to have to devise some means of identifying the fascists from the non-fascists in the new *Bush America* in order to avoid these kinds of incidents. Maybe something like....

"Good afternoon, you've reached Verizon customer service. My name is fascist Scott Reed. May I have your name please and how I may help you today?"

"Yes, it's Ellen Adams, and I was wondering how..."

"Hold on....our records indicate you're a non-fascist. Is that correct?"

"Yes, yes it is."

"Oh, so are we gonna have a problem with you this afternoon, Miss Adams?"


Anonymous said...

But the question is how many Americans out there still think this is all OK? And since when do customer service people hang up on someone? I'm grateful for Qwest, but how much longer can they hold out? Very upsetting, dada. -- D.K.

some_maineiac said...

Verizon sucks moldy ass! Their billing is always 2 weeks behind and their on-line bill-paying site is slow (even on broadband) and un-navigable to answer even the most basic of questions...nevermind any semblance of customer service...but I'll bet they're damned efficient at turning over their customer calling records and probably spending their efforts adding value to the data...

I do take some small comfort in the deduction that they're not actually monitoring their customers' conversations...yet...if they had indeed been monitoring since 2001, I'd be in jail right now and not for anti-fascism!

Anonymous said...

Is Qwest available in your area, maineiac? Not that I think they are the answer, but I'm glad to see Google still hasn't rolled. In fact, if people started leaving Verizon, ATT etc & swtiched to Qwest, that would send a message. Same for AOL & Yahoo vs Google. D.K.

some_maineiac said...

Thanks for that tip, DK, I'll have to look into Qwest...maybe save a few bucks on monthly phone bills...and I'm with you on Aol and Yahoo, I won't go anywhere near them for any kind of service or Hotmail/Microsoft, either...