Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cafferty lets it rip!

In trying to come up with a title for this particular blog I had several ideas, but can't seem to come up with the right one.

1. Jack Cafferty mad as hell and ain't gonna take it no more?

2. Jack Cafferty commits professional suicide before an audience of millions on nationwide TV!

3. Arlen Specter: the most powerful man on Earth, or just America's last hope?

4. CNN's quality control is broken, or how the hell'd this ever get on television in this country?

For those of you who may have missed yesterday's Wolf Blitzer show, or more specifically, Jack Cafferty's "The Cafferty File" segment, the following link will take you there for a "must see" commentary that is as rare as FOX being caught being "Fair and Balanced"!

Cafferty is obviously fed up and concerned for this nation's very survival. In what is probably the pinnacle of a neocon's idea of a traitor, I highly recommend you check out the following 4 minute video. Maybe I should title this blog, "A Rare Moment on National TV With a Patriot."

Seriously folks. Cafferty kicks ass on this one!

Cafferty: Dictatorship


Anonymous said...

I love Cafferty, his no-nonsense old-school style. No wonder he only gets a few minutes on befuddled Blitzer & for how much longer? He points out with bitter irony the extent of the round-a-bout we seem to be stuck in ... The Justice Dept cannot investigate because it doesn't have the authority. Say what? Who would have the authority to investigate if not the DOJ? Must be a secret that the secret govt agency in question can't reveal cuz it might violate their right of privacy, the same right ordinary citzens are being stripped of at break-neck speed.

And it's truly a sad day when we have to depend on Arlen Specter to defend us from dictatorship. Oh sure, he talks a little more defiantly, but has always backed own & swallowed the party line BS in the end. I read somewhere & it's really ringing true now, "in a democracy you get to choose your dictators after they've told you what you think you want to hear".

Thanks for the excellent link. After Cafferty's video & I scrolled down & saw kathleen harris, but quickly flipped away from that nightmare visage. Then scrolled up & saw Ten Years After "I'm Comin Home" video from Woodstock. Had to play that, it's like a drug-free speed-high! So double thanks for that little bonus. D.K.

Nina said...

Jesus Christ.

some_maineiac said...

Arlen Specter as our last hope? the author of the "magic bullet" theory?

Jesus Christ, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you here, maineiac, we've missed 'ya! Wow, from what recesses of your mind do you draw these gems from? I had TOTALLY forgotten Spector was the one sold the magic bullet theory to the warren comm. Not that they questioned it or anything else too closely. So, even more of a reason to feel like our ship has already sunk is if we're relying on Specter to do some bailing, huh? D.K.

dada said...

Maineac: Thanks for dropping by Maineac. I confess, I had serious doubts about Specter's "magic bullet" for a number of years, but that all changed in the Nineties.

It was during my all-time favorite sitcom when--as was usual--I tuned in for my weekly laughfest only to be gravely disappointed to find 30 minutes of educational TV. I'm referring to the Seinfeld episode with the NY Yankee--his name I don't remember, Keith Somebody, and the *magic spit* theory, where a wad of spit hurled intentionally at Keith Somebody took some wild and very unexpected trajectories in the course of its of its travels.

I guess that's what I love so much about being alive in this incredible Universe as it unfolds, i.e., being alive to witness one of those laws of physics defying moments when science throws a totally unexplainable curve ball at man.

This is what Seinfeld did for me that night. And I realized that Specter had been validated (er, or Lee Harvey Oswald's marksmanship had been thanks to Specter who satisfactorily had explained years after the fact, the *magic bullet*).

(Actually, most of the above is just bullshit. I'd forgotten who had come up with that incredible theory until you reminded us, Maineac. Thanks!)

Anonymous said...

"that's one magic loogie" spoken by Newman (I think) re: Keith Hernandez -- D.K.

dada said...

Yes, yes! That's it exactly. Why did I figure you (or Maineac) would know this for sure? Thanx, DK

Keith Hernandez....yes, that's him.

some_maineac said...

a totally serious topic (who and what really killed JFK?, not a goddamned physics-defying bullet fired by a lone gunman) played for a cheap laugh on network TV..whose real purpose is to convince us to buy useless shit that we don't need...10 minutes of commercials every 1/2 hour...

another example of my iconoclastic, spit-in-the-face-of-popular-culture, Luddite tendencies...I hated "Seinfeld" and did not voluntarily watch it (to be fair, I hate most of what passes for "culture" on TV) and perceived it as rarely funny in its general themes and as a ridiculous glorification of the mundane, worldly aspects of present-day American culture...

but I don't hold it against anyone who enjoyed the entertainment, got a kick out of it and remembers any of the episodes...watching TV doesn't unconditionally turn one's brains to long as you take it with a grain of salt...

Anonymous said...

maineiac: "++++ ssss" !!! (that's my fingers in the classic vampire warding-off evil crucfix, while I'm hissing). Pleeease don't take away my pleasurable memories (of every freakin episode no less) of my weekly seinfeld fix! ok, ok, I know it wasn't for everyone with its "new yawkish humah", so we'll just have to disagree on whether it was a worthwhile use of my time. Just like the old Star Treks, I enjoyed most Seinfelds as little morality plays on the mundane things that occupy our daily lives (plus my husband had/has a thing for Elaine). Hey, variety is what makes the world more interesting, so I'll now take back my opening vampire-cross-hiss-fit (I never meant it anyway, hope you know that)!

However, I am in absolute agreement on the horrible useless BS of TV commercials, which I suspect repel my brain at both the surface-level and subliminally (those crafty bastards). Recording commercial TV is the only solution. Now I can actually enjoy History & Discovery & Daily Show etc again! The DVR is probably the most vital TV component I own for sanity.

And dada ... if you get HBO & find yourself jonesing for seinfeldian-type humor, I recommend Curb Your Enthusiasm. IMO, Larry David has gone even further with his (and it was his) "show about nothing" concept. His wife, Laurie, works with Al Gore & others on environmental documentaries, so he can't be all bad. D.K.