Wednesday, February 22, 2006

After Five Years, Get Used to It.

After my second sip of coffee, I read my first headline of the morning. "Bush Says Ports Deal Will Stand". So I guess that's it. Bush has spoken. Our east coast port security will be in the hands of a United Arab Emirates' company, so everyone just shut the fuck up!

As some have suggested, this is a win-win situation for the administration. Protesting republicans led by the likes of Bill Frist appear more upset about this than many democrats. At least, they're getting more mileage in the MSM from this. (And besides, anyone notice Frist only promising to put off approval of the deal, not to stop it, right? Remember the expiring homeland security act?)

With elections just down the road, protests such as Frist's give congress members some separation from Bush. It appeals to their Bush created nervous Nellies security fearful constituents. And Bush is looking very authoritarian. He's taken out his veto and is waving it in everybody's face. "Oh please! Not over here, I can't stand the sight of it!"

And in the end, cronyism will prevail over security. The UAE's Dubai will secure our ports. Not to worry, Shaky Jakes, when it comes down to a choice between special interests and your security, special interests always trump. Just buck it up.

God, this is gonna be a good day! I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee, it's still dark outside, and already my sarcasm's boiling over.

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