Tuesday, February 21, 2006

About sending "mixed signals"

I awoke this morning in my usual good mood. Why, I didn't even think I would blog anything today, because things were going so well. Tsk, tsk. That was only because the only power button I'd hit was to the coffee pot. I had yet to turn on the computer, radio, or TV. But it wasn't long after doing so, I suddenly felt compelled to upload something here. What follows is just a couple of items that got me all "inspired".

They all have to do with Bush sending us, as he said himself, "mixed signals". He was referring to the embarrassing fact that a national renewable energy lab Bush visited in Colorado today just fired 32 employees due to a federal budget shortfall after he assured us in his state of the union address he was really committed--no, really, really, committed--to renewable technologies and green energy reform.

Well, "Egg on my face and call me Shithead!" yes, that seems like mixed signals. It was just supposed to be another great public relations spin around the country for the Americans still dumb enough to swallow Bush's swill.

Fortunately (and transparently), as reported on NPR, CNN and others, a *miracle* happened before Bush showed up at that renewable energy lab, i.e., the Bush administration managed to "find" $32 million to bring those fired people back on payroll.

That's probably enough to keep those poor folk's canned asses on the payroll for another month or two until this whole embarrassment blows over, at which time they'll once more gain unemployment status--this time permanently.

Another amusing story was given me by Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! It's undisputably accepted among true scientists of the (what else?) scientific community (I'm not talking about corrupted scientists who sold out, put on blinders and went to work spinning oil industry propaganda) that global warming is real. No, seriously, real! But what I round amusing was the following from Amy:

Is Sci-Fi Writer Michael Chricton Advising Bush on Global Warming?
"Questions are being raised in Washington if science fiction writer Michael Crichton may be advising President Bush on global warming. A new book reveals Bush met with Chricton in 2004 to discuss his best-selling novel “State of Fear” which suggests that global warming is an unproven theory and an overstated threat.

"The meeting is recalled in a new book by Weekly Standard editor and Fox News commentator Fred Barnes. According to Barnes, Bush is a 'a dissenter on the theory of global warming' and that he was in near total agreement with Chricton. Barnes added that Chricton’s visit, “was not made public for fear of outraging environmentalists.”

"While Crichton’s novel is a work of science fiction, he was recently awarded a journalism award – by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists."

The mixed signals Bush admits to is illustrated in his faux determination to develop green energy out of concern for the environment as he cuts funding for such while seeking confirmation global warming is a lie from a sci-fi fiction writer like Crichton, who often uses a literary technique called "false document" to validate phony science through "fictionalized scientific documents in the form of diagrams, computer output, DNA sequences, footnotes and bibliography." From Answers.com

But of course, the REAL mixed signals that Bush is sending, the story that seems to be overshadowing all others, is his threat to veto any effort to stop a company owned by Dubai to provide security to six U.S. seaports.

Juxtapose this with the fear Bush has instilled in the U.S. for the past four and a half years now and his vow to pursue terrorism to the ends of the Earth and bring bin Laden in 'dead or alive' against his hell bent desire to see a state owned company of one of the United Arab Emirates providing U.S. port security. Ask Bush about bin Laden and you're likely to get a response, "Who?"

Sure, while it appears to be a mixed signal, maybe we shouldn't be so rushed to judge. There may be good reason for Bush's eagerness to permit this deal:

- there's been hints of cronyism. Hopefully more of this will come to light in the days ahead. And this seems perfectly reasonable in that this is a normal Bush modus operandi. Also, there has been talk today of Bush's Carlyle Group cronies involvement (which includes his dad).

- and then there's always the speculations of conspiracists who feel betrayed that an honest and valid investigation into exactly how 9/11 happened was never conducted. Some are now speculating a Dubai company overseeing our port security is another aid to assist terrorists in their next attack on the nation. With all we learned (or did NOT learn) of 9/11, I suppose that's a valid thought.

- there was even radio conjectures this afternoon that Bush is just flat out nuts! Truthfully, that sounds as reasonable a theory as any other at this point.

Whatever the real reasons Bush is so adamant in seeing this deal through are, I have no idea. I'm as confused as anybody by his mixed signals. Of course, "Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President" by Justin A. Frank may help explain a lot about the president. As a dry drunk with multiple pathologies at work inside his brain, Bush's mixed signals may just be the result of some of his crossed wires shorting out .


Anonymous said...

Love the flag! I saw about that emergency re-employment deal on CNN & my first thought was he had a choice to cancel an important energy bamboozle or get booed & you know how he can't take getting booed. And it was in Golden, Colorado, right? Home of powerful Coors right-wing family.

Re: Michael Crichton ... to me, he's only a so-so SF writer. I really enjoyed one of his earlier works "Eaters of the Dead" (later made into a movie with Antonio Banderas). But why on earth would anyone listen to him on global warming? Might as well consult Dr. Kildare about Bin Laden's kidney dialysis. D.K.

Nona said...

Hey Dada,
Have you noticed that Bush's jaw hasn't been twitching lately? My guess is that they've changed his meds.

He's nuts, alright. Let's hope they find the right meds before he gets us all killed.

By the way, Pastafarians know that global warming is tied to the decrease in pirates. There's a chart at www.venganza.com that proves it.

dada said...

D.K. - interesting you mention Dr. Kildare as consultant for Bin Laden's kidney problems.

But seriously, was that a hint to us all of your true identity maybe?

Maybe you were testing to see if I was awake? Maybe you didn't think I'd notice?

dada said...


Note to everyone reading this. It was Nona who first alerted me some months ago to the president's severe tic--a jerky jaw whenever he spoke. At first I really had to watch to catch it. But once I got the hang, it was all I could see. I couldn't even attend what he was saying, so distracted by his jerks was I. And truthfully? I'm pretty sure Bush was distracted by 'em as well. He tried so hard to control 'em.

But I think you're right, Nona. Seems his medical team has really put the clamps on that jerky jaw. My only fear now is, pathologies the meds controlled may surface if the pills suppressing those pathologies have been lessened, thus casting the nation into more perilous times.

Hold on to your hats everybody. And thanks Nona for bringing that to my attention.

Anonymous said...

see, and I thought merely mentioning Dr. Kildare would hopelessly date me. But really, I just happen to like the name, something about daring to kill while being a doctor. oops, better send me to Amsterdam where such stuff is not illegal.

I have a funny story about Bush's various tics. Way back in Dec 2000, we took a nice vacation during the worst of the election contention. I'm watching TV cable news in the hotel room while attempting my make-up, but the constant commercials irritate me, so I "mute" them. But then I need to keep looking up to see when the commericials are over. Well, at one point when I look up, there is GWB blabbing away to one of his staged press audiences, but I still have the "mute" on. I start to grab for the remote to take the mute off when I see how entertaining his face is without the sound. All those jaw muscle tics, eyebrow twitches, mouth contortions, forehead wrinklings ... I was so facinated I grabbed my husband to come see. We both sat there & watched that idiot for his full 10-minute statement without hearing a word. Since then, many times when he speaks, especially if I've already heard it or am just too tired to care, I put the mute on & have a good laugh.

And, some time ago my sister & I observed to each other how Bush must be on heavy meds cuz he's been controlling that smirk so much better. Either that, or he's had shock treatment therapy, at which I would personally have loved to be the one attaching the wires to him. Might have missed his head altogether & gone a little lower. D.K.

dada said...

D.K. Apparently, according to the book, "Bush on the Couch", it's Bush's rediscovery of Jesus and the necessity of a strong exercise regimen (usually on his bike) that keep him from falling off his wagon. (That and his meds and/or shock treatments you mentioned.)

Hence, when an ominous Piper Cub invades DC airspace and Bush is out peddling around, he's the last one to know, lest they tell him and he unleash those anti-aircraft missiles from those fighters stationed all around the nation which, strangely, were either in Canada practicing US air defense tactics or in stand down on 9/11.

Oh hell, forgive. Just rambling. Thanks for the mute button idea. After all, hasn't he been saying the same thing...no, I mean, SAME freakin' thing!...for the past 4 1/2 years? His idiot-part-of-the-nation followers seem to never tire of it.