Thursday, July 08, 2010

Illegal videos?

Many have suspected, others have known for some time, Washington is but a front for the interests of industry. The Supreme Court with its majority of corporate whores just recently reconfirmed this to any in doubt.

During the environmental catastrophe now unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, the extent and ramifications of which cannot yet be fully known, let alone "appreciated," one would hope our government could at least step forward and appear to have as its primary concern the sea and land biomes now under threat of extreme destruction or total extinction. But such is not the case.

Call it what you want, but I think toady or sycophant aptly describes Washington's roll in this unfolding event, i.e., that of British Petroleum's boot licking lackey. BP continues its control over the crisis, has deceived the public regarding its extent, ignored EPA's order to halt use of  Corexit, "conceded" to Obama's tough $20 billion escrow fund demand for damages (that many now see as a means for BP to cap off liability claims against the company which could otherwise bankrupt them), and which continues to tighten control of media access to the affected areas with stiff monetary and penal penalties for those caught trying to more closely glimpse the reality of the situation.  

To get some idea of what may actually be unfolding outside the "official storyline" of those in control, it's become necessary to lean on those willing to take the risks to share with us some insight to possible affects of the poisons being unleashed upon us all.

The first two videos are from Clean the Gulf Now. They were posted by courageous Jennifer Roth. I call her courageous because, while the video comes from a distance far, far outside the 65' blackout imposed  by BP (or Coast Guard -- in this case used synonymously), if  the dead martin shown hanging lifelessly from its birdhouse opening proves to have died as a result of  the oil "spill," she could be looking at hard time in  a federal penitentiary.

The second video she posted could prove equally incriminating. This time to Marine Bioligist and Toxicologist, Dr. Chris Pincetich. for his testimony against BP's (or I should  say the EPA's -- in this case I'm  again using those synonymously) alarming toxicity tests of the dispersant being used indiscriminately in the Gulf).

Finally, this last video is from The Sea Sheppard Deepwater Rescue Campaign taken at risk of  violating airspace restrictions and altitude limitations (?) imposed as Hurricane Alex had grounded air traffic over the  Gulf.

Maybe the BP escrow fund could reimburse any of the above three's court costs if brought before a federal jurist. After all, none of them would have been breaking the law if it weren't for BP itself.


Fran said...

The regulatory entities are asleep @ the switch on this disaster. Great videos, all.
To have both the commercial operation-w/spray & the organic farm suddenly experiencing the mystery splotches on their crops & the dead bird are all kind of like the canary in the mine.
I like vid #2-- The guy is one of them thar environmentalist/scientist sorts-- (did they throw in the US flag to balance him out???)... overspray means it touches everything.

I've yet to hear any independent scientist say the chemical dispersant is a good idea. In fact they say the opposite- it makes toxic crude even more toxic.

For vid #3, they flew out in the midst of the impending Hurricane Alex, so many skimmers were ordered off the water-- but even when they are out there, one party described it as akin to using tea cups to try to corral the oil. Even though they brought in the big bad ass "A Whale" newfangled super skimmer.... the government decided it needs several days (weeks?) before they allow it to get out there & start skimming. Sure, that makes sense, time is on our side here, right?

I'll get out my crystal ball & make some predictions:

• The FDA & USDA will rule their findings inconclusive re the mystery crop splotches.

(Maybe like crop circles, it will assume crop splotches have something to do with aliens?)

• The EPA & Coast Guard will continue to wear blinders & let BP have at it with chemicals... I suspect with them using 23 to 25,000 gallons of it per day, the saturation level has probably already been exceeded.

• BP will go bankrupt, but will be bought & sold to some other name/entity & continue to do what they do.

Is it true the UK does not allow the use of Corexit in their waters?

Meanwhile the dead animal count is on the rise:

Birds- 1571
Sea Turtles- 449
Mammals (includes Dolphins- 54

When nobody is driving the bus, it's no wonder when it careens over the cliff, out of control, Eh?

Dada said...

Ditto Fran: Geezuz, we're members of the same choir. My voice is getting weary. I'm certain you're "spot on" re the future of BP in bankruptcy.

A Facebook friend (conservative, proudly announcing he's voting for Palin next time) posed the question: What word does NOT appear in the Constitution? A wide open invitation for multiple winners I surmised. Someone guessed genitalia, I threw in a couple like God, corpocracy, corruption. Everyone who guessed was a *winner* ... but, of course, none of those is what 'friend' was hoping to hear. "Democracy"was what he was fishing for. So I responded: "Hmm, democracy's not even in the Constitution? What the hell good is that damn piece of rag anyway?"

As for Corexit and the UK, "I know nuthing, I know nuthing!" But being outside the United States, they have a wee more sense I suppose.

And w/o saying...all our regulatory agencies like OSHA, EPA, FDA, USDA, etc. are staffed by gov't servants cushioning their retirements with great paying private industry jobs as rewards for great jobs as public servants regulating (or should we say "DEregulating) industries they oversaw for we the people.

Blah, blah, blah...quick, where's my little plastic bag, I think I'm losing my lunch!

Anonymous said...