Sunday, July 11, 2010

Awesome ~ to see it coming before it hits you!

CAPTURED: Staring stony-eyed into the face of their futures!

BP "spill" witnesses: It's accomplices, beneficiaries and victims:

(L to R ~ Dick Cheney, Lamar McKay, Thad Allen, Bobby Jindal, 
Ken Salazar, Joe Barton, Rachel Polish, George Bush, BP, Barrack
Obama, Tony Hayward, standing next to Gulf Coast residents (with 
weight on their head), and the rest of America (at the very end).

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D.K. Raed said...

how sadly appropriate considering Rapanui (easter isle) extincted themselves by overuse of resources, spending the last of their days erecting resource wasting silent statues to placate the forces they blamed for their misfortunes. the statues should've had mirrors shining back upon themselves ... (I state the obvious) ...

you seem to be a zen master of this genre, dada! (that's meant as a compliment ... to be able to see these awesome comparisons is an art).