Saturday, May 08, 2010

The dumbest monkey

As we race toward the underlying premise of Dada's Dally, "Observations from the middle of the largest mass extinction since the dinosaurs,".....

(scene from a "million monkeys hammering a million typewriters for
a million years will eventually write the entire works of Shakespeare,"

-- a postulate to confirm Homo sapiens' claim to superiority over all.)

....maybe, instead of spending millions (billions?) of dollars in recent years in search of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe, we should instead first search for intelligent life somewhere here on planet Earth?*

(* or maybe not...Can you imagine the horror of discovering it lies within whales, snails or chickens??!!)

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Dada said...

Deke: (I didn't even know I still had word verification, but I liked the "upperart" pass key. ~grin)

You know, Mrs. Dada listens to "Dr. Dawn" regularly on her iPod and she (the latter, not the former) recently had a pretty incredible show re the sensory perceptions available to us but seldom used. More specifically, those that manifest or increase upon the loss of one of our five taken-for-granted senses. They range from echolocation (similar to bat sonar) to touch receptors in the tongue that can "convey video input as patterns of touch that the brain perceives as visual attributes such as distance, shape, size and direction of movement. [Little if any practice is required.])"

And this, of course, doesn't even touch on extrasensory capabilities we may have, but then -- unless they have some value as military applications -- we really haven't time to explore man's more amazing capabilities. Note: we recently watched "Men Who Stare at Goats" -- enjoyed -- and while farcical, is based upon actual experiments done by the DOD for apps to increase the military edge over our numerous [and growing weekly] list of worldwide opponents.)

While whales or dolphins don't have hands with prehensile thumbs, why do I suspect they wouldn't have developed nuclear weapons even if they could?

BTW, that mysterious #37 that occasionally crops up here in my blogs and has plagued me for over 35 years: might it have been trying to warn me about the Boeing X-37?!

While Obama may be wasting billions of $$$ to be able to bomb the shit out of any global target within one hour's time from terrestrial missile sites, mightn't he have just held off until we deploy X-37's strategically in orbit over our heads that can blow up any place on Earth -- to include Utah, Calif., AZ, etc. within seconds or minutes at most??

It's mankind at its finest, isn't it?