Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's that time of year again!

Dada, feeling the love.

Ah, another Halloween has come and gone. Last night the Dada's had the pleasure of sharing the eve with family in Oregon via Skype, seeing nieces and nephews prepping for trick or treating. My favorite costume was that of our great niece adorned in swim goggles, snorkel and draped in black with a large sign attached reading "Drowning in debt" covered all over with smaller signs of why, such as "lost my job, health problems, no insurance," etc. Dada admires such boldness in begging candy from strangers while imparting a message she considers important enough to remind them of our current state many would sooner forget. But, hey, what the heck, it's the state of the union for many, many of us.

But today is the first day of November, signaling the beginning of another season's display of humanity's purest expression of compassion and love for all things living! It begins, this first day of the new month, with The Day of the Dead when we, the living, honor those no longer with us, many of whom we deliberately sent away to *the other side*.

And so, with the official beginning of another such time where we drop our rifles (and our bombs) but not our guards, let us pause and partake of a crushing communal embrace of loved ones and enemies alike in a spirit that exemplifies the best of human qualities.

Let us give thanks for yet another season of love and reconciliation, if only for the next 6 or 8 weeks. It's time to set aside our petty lusting for mass annihilation of our brothers and sisters, to begin planning the annual gathering around a dining table, TV or tree, injecting another 40,000 warriors into Afghanistan, or anticipating again the line outside our favorite predawn Wal-Mart store before they open their doors at 5:00 for another Black Friday rushing
crush of crowds dying to express their compassion and love for one another as only limited quantities of 19" high def TVs for $99 can do.

It is with such spirit Dada gives thanks. Thanks for being a member of the human family so filled with love and compassion for one another as this approaching season once more reminds us. Thankful we have been granted the stewardship of oversight and safety for all living things of the Earth as we partake camaraderie over turkeys and hams. One can only imagine the mayhem and chaos of the world were we not.

As we partake of this spirit, take care not to get too overwhelmed by it. Just let it flow over you like a rising tide. Let it pile on you. Enjoy it, but take care not to let it drown, smother or crush you. Such incredible feelings of peace and joy only last a few weeks. And we can all hold our breaths that long! Then it will be back to our work of building a better world as only we humans are the best -- and chosen -- to do!

Happy November everyone!

* Dada apologizes for reusing last year's graphic. So busy was he setting out traps to kill mice in the back yard, he didn't have time to manage a new one. "Peace on Earth to all living things!"

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